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Which mechanics should return?


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Ermahgersh. The secret bases in R/S/E were the best because they were scattered all over the overworld. I would spend hours just finding new places, decorating my base with dolls, bricks and flowers, and linking with my friends and attempting to battle the weak ones (still to this day haven't trained a pokemon to lv. 100 yet so a couple of my friends would destroy me :p)

One of the features I really thought was neat and should make a reappearance was from Stadium (and I think Stadium 2), with alternate colors for Pokemon based on their nickname (and then shiny being a super-special alt color with stars). It makes your Pokemon team unique and flavorful :) I also liked the fact that other trainers nicknamed their Pokemon and not just you (Rattatette, Togepy, Ekansact-1, etc.)

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If the following Pokemon returns, it should be optional. It's very annoying to walk with that Pokemon sometimes. For example, when you heal your team, when you hide your bicycle, when you use surf, the Pokemon return to pokeball and you have to wait that ends. Also, sometimes you accidentaly press "A" button onto your following Pokemon, and also must watch a interaction scene. It gets annoying in the long term.

I am not saying that I dislike or don't want it. I am saying that it should have a way to turn it ON or OFF. Just that. The following Pokemon is very cute and one of the most funny things they have ever created, but it gets annoying after sometime, IMO.
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I think part of why features don't return is the fact that the development periods often overlap, so by the time they add it to the earlier game, the later game is far enough along that it doesn't make sense to add it. (This is all unfounded speculation on my part, though.)

Personally, I want the Vs. Seeker back (because when you need to get 8 Pokémon from level 1 to 50 in a day, the Nimbasa trainers aren't enough, and challenging the Elite Four over and over gets boring). I'd also like contests, with Hoenn-style appeal rounds because that required more strategy. Growing berries is also something I really want. I also like the toggle-run and following Pokémon from HGSS. And Secret Bases. Particularly being able to battle your friends after mixing records!


Definitely would loe to see the World Tournament come back, but rather than being itself, it would be a facility in the battle frontier. The battle frontier was a great (albeit, hard) way to truly implement strange ways to battle, and I loved it, but again, world tournament wasn't bad at all.


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I am really missing the Pokeradar and Vs. Seeker most of all in the new games. The Pokeradar was always really fun for me and made shiny Pokemon a test of luck AND skill rather than just luck, and although the shiny charm does improve the somewhat ridiculous odds of finding a shiny Pokemon, it just isn't the same satisfaction to me as finding a chained shiny after hours of chaining and repels.

I also greatly miss the Vs. Seeker because I basically have to ration out my training for my higher leveled Pokemon every day rather than just battling the same opponents every time after just 100 steps. However, Audinos, the countless level-ups in Join Avenue, and the incredibly strong daily battles both in Nimbasa and Castelia do make up for this.

I miss the Pokeradar most of all, I guess...


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PokeRadar. It's rather hard to get a shiny these days.


we now have Shiny Charm that also works with MM giving it an even larger chance, and you say it is now harder to get shiny?
In 3rd Gen there's not even a single way to increase shiny chance......
It's funny, because people actually complained saying Shiny Charm makes it too easy to find shinies.


I miss the berry pots from HG/SS. I would also like to see a return of an old villainous team (Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic) to interfere.


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Having both Berry Pots and soil patches would be really helpful.

You plant the most commonly used berries with you, while you can plant and leave the lesser important berries behind as you go on your journey.


I think the reason GameFreak changes the mechanics from game to game is because they want each region to have their own flavor to them. Each new region has new Pokemon, moves, people, landscapes, so why not devices and mechanics? Such as two bikes. That's a Hoenn thing, and it will likely return if RSE remakes are made. The Underground. A Sinnoh thing. It'd be strange elsewhere. It makes gameplay more interesting to have things that are only in certain regions. They wouldn't want every game and every region to be the exact same would they?

As for ones I like, I like Secret Bases and battling friends at their Secret Bases. I liked the idea of chilling in your buddy's bachelor pad. I also enjoyed the following Pokemon. I think that that should be in every game and able to be turned on or off.


<----Newest Shiny

we now have Shiny Charm that also works with MM giving it an even larger chance, and you say it is now harder to get shiny?
In 3rd Gen there's not even a single way to increase shiny chance......
It's funny, because people actually complained saying Shiny Charm makes it too easy to find shinies.

After all my unsuccessful hunts, I wouldn't mind the shiny charm I just don't have all the pokemon needed for the charm.


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Definitely Secret Bases. Customising your own base and praying hard for those darned Lilycove Rooftop Sales were a fond memory of RSE. Mixing records with other trainers to get their bases into your game was also great, and would be even easier now with Wi-Fi.

Being able to toggle the Running Shoes in HGSS was also a huge plus, without the B button needing to be jammed down endlessly.


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I miss the poketch apps from D/P/P specifically the Snorlax timer which was the best.


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Hoenn Contests were awesome, with jamming others and so on, Sinnoh contests, by comparison, were boring.
I liked Hoenn's secret base system, too. Battling a friend's team without having to link was awesome!
I wasn't mad about the underground. That fits with Sinnoh, but I can't see it coming to another region.
Following Pokémon should really be an option in the menu. Having it off/on ALL the time sucks.
Pokéathlon was also very fun. Text speed was slow in wireless play though.
Berries and apricorns need to return too.

tl;dr: roll all the awesome features of RSE and HGSS together.


Not really going to say anything new here, but whatever:
Poketch, I wanna be able to count my steps and know when I have an egg in the daycare while I'm far away from the daycare.
Secret Bases. People seem to just want their own space to decorate, for me, it's more that I want battable "ghosts" of whoever I mix records with inhabiting their own base in my game. EASY EV TRAINING :3
Sinnoh-style Contests. The Hoenn ones didn't feel as involved as these did...
VS Seeker
Gym Leader rebattles that give EXP and money
Underground, but only if there is a way to do it over wifi and not just local wireless
the Fame Checker :p
Auto Run
Mirage Island, or something similar that rarely shows up but offers cool pokemon/items
Battle Frontier, and like a lot of other people, I would like for it to be an explorable area again
the ability to grow berries in-game
Acro and Mach Bike
Pokemon that show up depending on the time of day (like Hoothoot only appearing at night)
6 vs 6 battles
Poffin or something similar

the ash man83

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I'd personally like to see the following features return:

VS Seeker
Gym Leader Re-battles
Pokéathlon (much better than Musicals and Contests in my opinion)
Something similar to the Underground in Sinnoh
Berry Growing in one form or another (not all of us have access to the Dream World)
Following Pokémon (but it must be optional)