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Which of Ash's old Pokemon will return in the rest of Battle Frontier?


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I think Squirtle will make an appearance, but with the Squirtle Squad in a later episode. As for Tauros and Kingler, they seem to be a forgotten breed. Pidgeot, Primeape and Butterfree I'm about 99.9% sure aren't going to show, but I thought James would never leave Chimeco.
Muk, Muk, and Muk. Oh, and Muk. I love Muk, and the writers deserve nothing less than death if the purple blob doesn't get any glory.
Also Heracross. One of Ash's SHAFTED! Pokemon, despite its power.
Kingler. Double battle with Corphish as partner would be perfection itself. And of course Corphish would promptly evolve.
No others need to be brought back.
I think it's possible you guys are seeing way too much into it. His team Pokemon need glory, too. Three of them could evolve. Two of those evolutions are almost a certainty. The third, unfortunately, is really iffy. But anyway, if Grovyle and Phanpy (And Maybe Corphish) are going to evolve, they'll have to participate in some serious battles. They could just have Phanpy evolve randomly, but it seems that Grovyle's evolution will be very dramatic. At least, that's what logic dictates. But those shipheads writing the show aren't very logical at all.

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i hope butterfree comes bak so he could use it in the battle frontier and bring bak bayleef and the others to battle and meet other pokemon

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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well thanks to manga scans we know that Ash will most probably use Swellow and corphish in the Dome...

Muk and Heracross need to pwn something.... bring them in Ash!


Bring it.
Not that I'm complaining about snorlax making an apperance, but I think it 've been better if pidgoet came back with Ash when he was facing Greta.

Did, Butterfree die? In the japanese version, didn't Brock say something about buterfree dying after mating? I could be wrong.


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DKzM0mA said:
Did, Butterfree die? In the japanese version, didn't Brock say something about buterfree dying after mating? I could be wrong.
No. That was only a rumor. According to Murgatroyd, there was no such line in the original version.

Lovely May

Maybe he will use only two or three pokemon from his old teams. I don't see Totodile, Cyndaquil or Bulbasaur because Leaders are much stronger, so Ash needs pokemon with bigger power. Cyndaquil or Totodile are pretty strong but they won't win against something what is 10 x bigger.
I see Muk, Lapras or maybe even Tauros. Ash may use Snorlax or Charizard again. His current team isn't bad too.


*swoons for Noland*
I'm all over Muk making a triumphant return to battling! Muk is teh awesome! <3

I can see Heracross, Bulbasaur, and Tauros coming back too. I'd love to see Cyndaquil coming back and kicking some major butt like old times.

I love Ash's Squirtle like anyone else, but I just can't see how they can write it in (yet they found a way in Silver Conference). "omg hi Ash! We just happen to be in the general vicinity of your latest Battle Frontier match. Want to use your Squirtle?"

I don't know Glalie yet, but I would like to see it make another appearance. Seeing as how it just killed everything in the Hoenn league, I don't think so.


'tis a penguin...
i say he should bring his best in

charizard or muk

but thats just my opinion


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Looks like the trend's been broken. [SPOIL]A comic shows Ash using Corphish and Swellow[/SPOIL]
Dude, Charizard got to battle a flippin' Articuno. Charizard should not have come back. And will not return, I think.


But he's so cute and lovable! lol... fine! Pigeot... he hardly got any screen time.


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Pidgeot, Tauros, Heracross and Squirtle I would love to see return


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Infinite Master Sceptile said:
Charizard should not have come back. And will not return, I think.

Actually, charizard seems to be one of the few pokemon that Ash has had that the writers don't mind bringing back every once in a while... I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets another appearance.


;ord of pokebattles
you know from what i've heard Torkaol sucked in the league becuase the writers had it suck so bf would be a good chance for the writers and Torkoal to reden theselves that's i have to say well except for this- BRING BACK THE MUK.

Crash CSIQ

it would be awesome if the larvitar he took to mt silver would come back as a pupitar and fight for him.

actually i want

Crash CSIQ

sorry about thye half post somethiong happened

what i want is one of the pokemon ash released or is never sposed to see again come back

it probably wont happen but it would be cool