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Which of Ash's pokemon team was close to perfect?

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Dark M

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In my opinion Ash's Hoenn team was by far the best.They had a league to themselves and the battle frontier omg i can't contain myself,they were so freaking epic.I hate to say it but the second Team that might have given the Hoenn team a run for their money would be the Sinnoh team.Yes the team indvuially wasn't that great cept for pokemon like Buizel,Staraptor and *shrugs*.....Infernape but as a whole i suppose they were good.Gliscor improved by alot and not because it beat one of pauls strongest pokemon but because of the fact that it came back and showed what it had learned from the Air Master.Gible didn't have enough screentime yet it was decent.Torterra....ok i cannot find anything good about this pokemon.


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Here we go. None of them.

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i think the team he used against Brandon 4 the 3rd time


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Hoehn Team IMO, the most balanced and his Sceptile was BA.

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Probably the Hoenn team and the Sinnoh team was pretty good.


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During their own region: Sinnoh

After being bought back as reserves: Kanto and Hoenn. Sceptile is able to defeat a legendary and Torkoal can nearly defeat a legendary, I think we can easily say they're as good as the Kanto team. Sinnoh will probably grow stronger after spending some time away from Ash as well and be up there with them.

The Johto team, what we've seen of them, seem to have grown stronger sense leaving Ash too. Heracross did great against Gary and Nando, Noctowl seems to be on par with Swellow and Staraptor, Donphan dealt with a Frontier Brain, and Quilava took down a fossil pokemon that it had a disadvantage against. We haven't seen Totodile or Bayleef battle since they left so it's too hard to say, but I'm sure they have potential if all of the others do.

So in short, none of them are perfect. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is a delusional fanboy. All four teams have potential. Johto's may have not been as clarified, but I think even Bayleef and Totodile would be beasts if we got to see them again.


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His DP team would destroy all his previous teams, it was definitely close to perfection.

Infernape alone could take out a good majority of them.
I'd like to say AG pokemon and DP pokemon combined. Maybe take Pikachu, Infernape, Gliscor, Sceptile, Swellow, and Corphish...pretty solid team I would say.


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Sinnoh team without doubt. 2 fully evolved starters, Staraptor, Gliscor, Gible, Pikachu...

Nuff said.


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Hoenn. A good balance of basic, middle stage and fully evolved Pokemon. The only thing that was an issue was the fact the fully evolved Pokemon could only evolve once (until Ash got Sceptile but that was after Hoenn).


The Hoenn's team. DP team didn't do something special except of beating Ninjask-Froslass-Gastrodon. To the real team, Magmortar, Torterra and Honchkrow, they lost. The Hoenn team, alone, has beaten two 6 vs 6 battles and 5 of Tyson's pokemon, and 2 double battles.


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I think Ash his Orange Island team after the episode Charizard chills is his strongest team (Lapras, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard and Snorlax).

Then it is:
2: Shinnoh (lot's of stong Pokémon)
3: Hoenn (Sceptile)
4: Jotho


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once again we talk about the most overrated pokemon since charazard he's mighty name is SCEPTILE

here is ash's top team
hoenn [corpish is a terrible water pokemon torkoal is pathetically weak swellow was alright and sceptile is good but far to overrated :)


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Yours is hoenn? Surprise, Surprise. To answer the question i would say sinnoh.
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