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Which of the above two signatures would win in a fight?


Inspired by ''Which of the above two avatars would win in a fight?'', simply look at the above two posters' signatures and tell which of the two would win

All forum rules apply
Don't post if you don't have a sig, or a sig without an image.
Be respecful to other's opinions

Have fun
Uhh... let's see...

While that Touhou girl has magic abilities, I think I might still have a chance.

One person in my sig is a crazed yandere.
Another is extremely accurate in every calculation he makes.
Another can make any girl fall in love with him.
Another is probably edgy enough to intimidate anyone around him.
And the last one has a psycho split personality that is adept at killing without mercy, who due to some plot advances is semi-immortal.

I have a feeling I've got this one.


Steel-Clad Wonder
I agree. Nerdy would likely win this.


Artistic Flair
Komachi wins this battle in the end.
Let's see, we have a Greninja, Slowbro and Espeon vs a white-haired anime character who apparently shares a soul with a dragon.

I'd say the anime character and dragon since they're basically Ash-Greninja, but most likely even more OP.


Artistic Flair
Blue Eyes White Dragon easily takes out the five men.