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Which of the Pokemon DS games interface did you like best?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Azureth, Jul 17, 2012.


Which interface did you like?

  1. D/P/PT

    13 vote(s)
  2. HG/SS

    77 vote(s)
  3. B&W

    9 vote(s)
  4. B&W2

    15 vote(s)
  1. Azureth

    Azureth Well-Known Member

    Out of D/P/Pt, HG/SS, B&W and for those who've played it B&W2 which menu interface did you like best?

    For me, I really enjoyed B&W. It was easy to navigate and awesome to use.
  2. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Personally I liked always having the Start/X menu always up and just being a tap away from it instead of having to push a button.
  3. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    I like HGSS and BW. Is BW2 different to BW?
  4. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    BW2 was nice and the mountain wasn't really hard as I thought.
  5. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Definitely BW for me. I like how fast everything flows in the menus compared to D/P/P and HG/SS, I also find the touch screen use much faster and more solid than in HG/SS. I also love the red cross which makes it possible to exit the menu directly no matter what you are doing.
  6. ☭Secret_Shocker☭

    ☭Secret_Shocker☭ Well-Known Member

    ooh BW2. Though I don't have it yet, I know it's 1000x better than BW.
  7. aaron-now

    aaron-now Well-Known Member

    HGSS. Touch screen based everything. Though I do like the ability to have a large number of quick select items in BW/2. Also the save screen. But yeah, HGSS still take the cake.
    Not sure what people are talking about with BW speed though. It wasn't that smooth of a transition from menu to menu.
  8. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    HGSS was nicely organized but a bit slow to use. It's still my favorite though.
  9. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    hg/ss without a doubt, the lack of touchscreen features on bw is quite sad :(
  10. shinymankey

    shinymankey Crobat Master

    I don't own any Gen 5 Games so out of the two choices left, I'm going to with with HG/SS
  11. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    HG / SS, it was easy to navigate
  12. MapleKnight

    MapleKnight Member

    I personally likes the interface of HG/SS the most, but then again, I havent played Black/White 2 yet.
  13. EnragedSwalot

    EnragedSwalot Well-Known Member

    I liked HeartGold and SoulSilver best. I really loved the touch screen controls for the game, and the fact that you could press a button to run. IMO, it was the easiest to navigate.
  14. flyer1228

    flyer1228 Novice Shiny Hunter

    I like D/P because those are the ones I own. I feel that BW had a lot of extra movements and I disliked when you fought it would take so much time to portray a move. There were a lot of unused/extra Pokemon in BW too.
  15. Poetry

    Poetry Dancing Mad

    I don't like B/W's bag system - there weren't enough pockets and didn't like having my Pokeballs mixing with my stones and repels. Also it was just awkward to navigate and find things imo.
    HG/SS all the way for me.
  16. RainDance

    RainDance Dance Party!!

    HG/SS definitely. I loved the touch screen.
  17. Izanagi

    Izanagi 'Sup!

    I voted for DPPt mostly because the Poketch was quite handy at times more often than not. I will take it over the C-Gear anyday.
  18. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    The interface? HG/SS hands-down. Having instant access to the full menu and two shortcut items, as well as a perma-run option and generally being able to operate everything through the touch screen made HG/SS easily the most user-friendly games. The Pokétch was a bit of a novelty and the C-Gear is only occasionally useful at best for most players - neither needed to take up the entire bottom screen all the time.

    Of course, I haven't played B2/W2 yet, but their interface looks like it's going to be roughly the same as B/W, so I doubt that it can overtake HG/SS for me.
  19. DeadLion

    DeadLion Well-Known Member

    HG/SS - A nice throwback to the days of playing pokemon with one hand :)
  20. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Even though it's faster, but B/W version put the pokeballs together with items. I prefer HG/SS one.

    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012

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