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which old pokémon is most likely to be "re-invented" in the 5th generation?


which old pokémon is most likely to be "re-invented" in the 5th generation?

Please note before replying to the topic:

1. This thread is not for discussing the existance of a 5th gen. Just for the sake of this thread, imagine that there is indeed, plans for one, hypothetically speaking. Any posts stating that there won't be a 5th gen will be ignored.

2. Don't post any of your made up evolutions/prevos, there's already a few threads about that in other parts of the forums. You can state that there can be a new member to that line, but don't post your ideas for them.

Right. I'm not entirely sure if people have noticed or not, but since the advanced games, You are able to fill out a regional dex, that is, a pokédex consisting of pokémon that are found in this particular region. The most prominent members include pokémon that are only found in this region (aka, the newest generation of pokémon.) However, included with the newest batch of pokémon, are pokémon from past generations. Some of them have made an appearence in every game since their first appearence back in Red and Blue. Pikachu, Abra, Zubat and Psyduck are good examples of pokémon that appear in every game.

However, some of these pokémon are pokémon that were somewhat ignored in the generation that they were introduced to us, mostly due to either being not battle worthy, being quite rare or having a better, more common alternative. In DP there are several examples of pokémon that are now much more used because they've been made more available in these games:

1. Roselia: While this little sweety-pie was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, it never really appeared on anyone's teams, simply because it was a tad too weak to be used competitively, and it didn't evolve. Plus we had the much more robust and common Oddish line if we wanted a Grass/Poison type. In DP though, Roselia was given both a pre-evolution and an evolution, plus there were no oddish in Sinnoh (Not before the E4 anyway.). This means that in Sinnoh, the Roselia family has effectivly replaced the Oddish family, filled in the ecological niche so to speak.

2. Misdreavus: Another Pokémon that received a re-invention. before DP, Misdreavus was rarely ever found. In GSC, it was only available in the very last area of the game (inside Mt.Silver at night). The only thing it had going for it was that it was the only new ghost type introduced in GSC, and it was a pure one as well. Meaning that it was the only alternative if you didn't want to use the much more common/much more useful Gengar. In RSE though, it didn't even make an appearence in Hoenn, but there were other much more useful pure Ghost types (mostly in the forms of Dusclops and Banette.) to choose from.

To add more insult to injury, the only place in the advanced games where there were wild Misdreavus was in the Lost Cave, and only in Leaf Green, the only game where this little cutie-pie got a chance to shine was in Colosseum, where she was one of the earlier pokémon you can capture.

In DP though, they were much more kind to MissyD. Aside from being available somewhat early (before the second badge at least), she also received an evolution. This made training a Misdreavus much more appealing to players.

In an interesting note, they've made Murkrow, who has had a simlair experience of being ignored, the counterpart to Misdreavus.

So considering all this, which new pokémon do you expect to get the same sort of treatment in the next set of games?

Houndour/Houndoom: I'd love to see Houndour/Houndoom play a good role in the next set of games. I'm sure you've noticed, but Game Freak has been giving Fire-types less and less prominence with each new games, DP was pretty bad to fire types. Before the E4, you only had Chimchar (a starter) and Ponyta. That was it, either those two or go without a fire type. Houndour would be a great choice for re-invention, because incase anyone hasn't noticed, Houndour's never really been available until after you've beaten the E4. The only time I remember getting one early in the game was in XD infact.

Farfetch'd: Seriously, this thing's been screaming for some useability for a long time now. I really don't like how a cool pokémon like this ends up being a gag pokémon time and time again...

Delibird: Yes, yes, it makes a nice christmas gimmick, but why does it need such an awful movepool? It could learn some moves naturally. If they did it for Tyrouge (went from just Tackle to Tackle, Fake Out and Helping Hand.) They could do it for Delibird.

Tanglea: It received an evolution that increased it's usability, but it would be nice to see both Tanglea and Tangrowth to appear pre-E4.

Jynx: Controversy aside, it'd be nice if Jynx appeared more often. It doesn't even need an evolution or anything, but it'd be pretty cool (lol) if it did appear pre-E4.

Mawile: Being the only non-legendary pure steel type is quite an honor, now if only it was given more usefulness...

Are there any other ignored pokémon that need showcasing in the next games?

Pkmn Breeder Jack

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Nice thread.

I was also thinking houndour and houndoom should be brought back, as I have always liked them. I know you don't want new evos and stuff, but since there is now the whole gender difference thing, Kangaskhan would be great to bring back. Make its baby in its pouch a pre evo and give it a male version.

And how about dunsparce? Personally I hate that guy, but I kinda fell sorry for him...
And Abra's line has always been in there with zubat and machop. Oh yeah, and geodude.


Everyone knows the Zubat/Magikarp/Abra/Pichu line will make a return. But I hope Dunsparce will return. It needs more love. it's better than everyone thinks of it.
pachirisu need SOMETHING...anything...same w/ luvdisc, farfetch'd, and qwilfish.
I just remembered Krabby/Kingler existing, so let's actually see them around again
Shellos/Gastrodon- I think it got deserved attention this gen, but I hope to see a new form for it w/ every region; giving it alot of diversity.
Dunsparce of course, should get some attention(maybe its own town base like slowpoke in Johto).
STANTLER-another pkmn i forget about that doesnt deserve it.
Seriously mostly second gen pkmn need attention...
there should be a big night-time theme 5th gen, including backstory and constant sitings of sableye, mawhile, volbeat/illumise etc.The same pkmn should be around that always are(geodude, tentacool, zubat, abra, machop etc.), w/ some additions reflecting the region. For example, sinnoh has snow and the natural barrier of mount coronet as a theme, bringing pkmn like sneasel and cleffa into the spotlight.
Maybe Rapidash. Fire types need some more power on their side in the form of a non-starter.


WOBBA!! *salutes*
that red font hurts my eyes anyway i would love it if torkoal got an evo
Aye, I agree with Altaria.
It's only rare in r/s/e (not sure about d/p) and is pretty underatted, because of you wanted a good dragon/fling, you could go get salamence instead.


Well-Known Member
I oculd think of a couple that should be re-imagined:
5.Quilfish-The thing is pretty cute, but it isn't taken advantaged of at all. Sure, a couple of people use it HARDCORE like, but still. It was a SWARM in it's original debut, so you could barely find it(like Yanma, and Dunsparce, but more on him in a moment), it was only available post-COlle, and by then there were better waters to use(like Quagsire). It isn't available pre-E4 in DP, either. So there is oen thing it can do-be more commonplace. HECK, I'd love if it replaced Tentacool as the UBER common water pokemon. Maybe expand it's movepool, OR better yet, give it a evolution. DP proved how much older pokemon can be improved through an evolution.
4.Farfetch'd-Okay, this guy is cute & cool, but REALLY rare. In the originals, one oculd only find it through an in-game trade. Then, in GSC, only could it be found in the Kanto section, in a patch of grass, and even then it was rare. Add to a limited move-pool(I think, it's been a while since I checked his pool o' moves), and we have a crappy pokemon. Only thing I could htink of would be at the very least made more common and made to be found more earlier on. And more moves that it can use. Maybe give it a signature move involving it's leek. NOt sure 'bout an evo, though, because he looks cool enough as is. Maybe if he got a bigger leek.
3.Smeargle-I LOVE this guy, not to mention that it is one of-if not THE most versitle pokemon EVER. Like the first two, it also suffers from being painfully rare. And it can't take a hit. Which it needs to if it wants any moves(kinda like a blue mage). Or get out hits. Which it needs to. It's stats suck, and you need to be very carefull about which moves to copy, cause at msot he has one good shot to copy something. Best way to improve him is an evolution-increased speed, defenses, attack, the whole shbang. They could even be innovative in how it evolves, like knowing a certain move and holding a certain item.
2.Pinsir-Needs an evo, and needs it bad. SOmething to rival Hera would be nice. It was surprisingly available in RS- a perfect chance for it to shine that it just didn't grab on to. I could go on, but hte pooint is taken.
1.Dunsparce-Sure, it has the POTENTIAL to take down UBERS, but it is really hard to get out there. And it's rare, too. Only way to improve it? Evolution. It'll make it's move pool wider, stats to take advantage of its moves and its ability. Unfortunately, it has that pesky legend it's based off of...that'll get in the way.

And those are just my top 5, honorable mention goes towards lovedisk whose only redeeming value(holding heartscales), is lost with the underground addition.

And as, you can see, several of htem were Johtos-the land of hte UU and NU. Most could be solved with increased rarity and increased move-pools, but evos sure wouldn't hurt at all.


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evryone forgets about snubbull/granbull! i no its a weaker version of ursaring but it should be seen more, it is quite a cool pokemon


Common Sense Man
Qwilfish needs to evolve. It would make an awesome giant evil puffer-fish like thing. Girafarig would be nice, as well as Stanler. It seems like it's mostly the second generation that dumped a bunch of Pokemon just WAITING to be renovated. More include Dunsparce, Delibird like you said (Christmas gimmick, lol), Corsola, and Sudowoodo (evolution, not baby!)


Salingerian Phony
Johto Pokémon represent extremes in usefulness. On the flipside to a ton of useless Pokémon, it also gave us Heracross, which singlehandedly reversed representation of Bug-types and has gotten more versatile and deadlier with each generation. It also gave us Suicune, a veritable wall that only gets harder the more time you waste on it. There's Tyranitar, whose Sand Stream Ability would mess up so much.

Oh yeah, Pokémon who need more attention:

Spoink and Grumpig was available only in one small area in R/S/E, the Jagged Path. And in the presence of the likes of Alakazam and having to share the same generation as Metagross, nobody used it. It has good Special Attack, better Speed, and great Special Defense, and with Light Screen, the Physical/Special split has made it a lot more useful. Oh, and there's Magic Coat too. Some future game should give Spoink as the first Psychic Pokémon.

Numel and Camerupt got some exposure in XD. As a Fire/Ground, it has many weaknesses, and its slow Speed means it needs to be careful who it goes up against. But used right, it hits massive damage and can be used either physically or specially. Plus, the fact that it's a Fire-type means it needs better representation.

Cherubi and Cherrim is a rare Pokémon obtainable through Honey Trees and would be a good representative of the Grass type due to its usable Speed and Special Attack if people would remember it exists. Making it more commonly available would also heighten the popularity of Sunny Day, which thanks to more Rain Dance benefits in the 3rd-generation is always playing second-fiddle to Rain Dance.

Also, giving Snover and Abomasnow an Ability that DOESN'T cause Hail would help many people.


You best believe it
Some that I thought of:

Mankey & Primeape: Two of the few fast fighting pokemon that get ignored. U-turn has helped it boost its somewhat small movepool.
Numel & Camerupt: Two Fire Pokemon that would be great if "re-used". Learning Earthquake naturally is a great bonus, and Flamethrower/Overheat and Stone Edge add some good type coverage.
Dunsparce: Sencere Grace Headbutt is more of a killer than most think.

shooting star

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Grumpig should be avaliable early. I've used it on emerald, and it actually rocks! Combine that with its cool personality and its fantastic color sheme.. Whoa..

Also, since Weezing is quite a popular hazer, they should give Muk some usability, too. Defenitely no evo, but some good moves and higher stats.

I agree with the person who mentioned smeargle. No raised attack, but speed and perhaps defenses would really help!

Also, the fossils deserve better! I know cradily is quite useful, but Kabutops should defenitely get stats and movepool to be a physical sweeper! Just lok at it! Armaldo should also get better stats and moves, so we could enjoy its interesting typing. I'd also like if the fossil pokemon were avaliable earlier in the games!

Ah, and Ch'ding!
Farfetch'd.. A cool pokemon, but way too weak! I have it on my LG team now, and its really worthless.. well, it is quite usable compared to the rest of my team (flareon, sandslash, exeggutor, magneton), but they are quite worthless, too.

I think Xatu is quite forgotten, too. Lugia kind of steals its spotlight.

Granbull and Ursaring deserves evos.

Cubone deserves a useful split-evo. It loses its style when it evolves into marowak. We ned a strong pokemon with cubone's personality and looks.

Also, what about CORSOLA!? Its so forgotten, people doesn't even classify it as a forgotten pokemon! C'mon! It deserves a cool evo!

Spinda could get something, too!

Chimecho needs a sp.sweeper evo.

Jynx needs to get an evo, since the other two in the trio did.

And finally, Hitmonlee needs a good movepool!


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I agree, deliberd should have more moves. Also on the list; relicanth, the clamperl evo's and ariados. Imo

EDIT: Rank up. Better get rid of this pink


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I would like the other Johto Pokemon like Teddiursa, Houndour, etc. to have a return..


Smeargle wich volves by sketching a certain move... I like it!

Also, Corsola needs an evo, or make it less rare. And many people are waiting for a Mrowk/Cubone evo. I am too.