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Which one do you still play??

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I was just wondering if any of you poke fans still play any of the !st gen games if you do which one???

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow =]

personally i dont play any of they these days


LAWL! I play pokemon yellow at 3 times speed on my my N64! My NINTENDO 64! Personnally i thought this game had a lot of replay value. but that's just me.
I sometimes play my blue (if i get the time lol)
I lost my yellow and red agessss ago. But then again, i can always use my silver and crystal for trading :p

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gonna start yellow again soon, i'm getting some crazy cravings to just play all my main series games but there's no time :(
but i'm deffo gonna play through yellow sometime soon i never did legitimately beat the e4 on any of the gen I games :p

Dragon Houou

I play my blue, yellow, gold and silver version just to check where I last left off every once in a while. I would play crystal but, it wont "start up" properly because a friend of mine screwed it up using gameshark.


Swing the bat
I was playing Red just this weekend and was thinking of restarting


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I still play Yellow, probably because it's the most Graphically up to date, and because of Pikachu following the Character around.

However, if I"m in the mood for Glitches, I don't hesitate to pick up Red or Blue.


I play Red, not for the experience, just because I need to trade some of the exclusive Pokemon to my other games.

It's my only 1st Gen game :(
I recently restarted red, blue, yellow, emerald, diamond, pearl and platinum (the only games I have - I'm aiming to get the others...) in an attempt to complete the entire pokedex over all the games, even if I can't get it on one game.

It's going well!

The Seer

I only play it when my ds battery power out which rarely happens


There Is No NiGHTS!
I play all of them, but I think there are two of them that do not save.
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