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Which one is a better prof. Rowan or Oak explain

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I like Rowan better B/C he doesn't look like a perv

And he dresses with style

:D :D :) :D :D
(Don't like my smiley army, well then you can feel there wrath)


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Can I choose neither? :p

I think they're all pretty generic, really. A vital yet generic part of PKMN games xD

That was a pretty good reply and that reason almost made me change my idea but it didn't

The Mighty Wurmple

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Professors are Professors, just slightly different in each game.
Oak I'd say, because I've known him longer.

Also, your signature picture is way too big A7X.
(and I don't like your army.)
I like Rowan 'cos he breaks the streotype that all scientists are creepy old men that hang around indoors all day and are voiced by Jimmy Zoppi. :p


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That was a pretty good reply and that reason almost made me change my idea but it didn't

...So wait, are we supposed to be trying to change your opinion here?

I like Oak because he's been around since the beginning (and he's been to every good region in the games). He gave most of us our very first pokemon, and he seems to care a lot about people and pokemon; after all, his main area of study is the relationship between the two, while Rowan just studies their evolution. And Oak is much nicer, imo; Rowan is supposed to seem like a scary but nice old man, but he doesn't come off as really NICE to me. He's just kinda... bland...


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Oh come on! Hands down Prof. Oak! Oak has pretty good resemblance in his sprites to the anime, and he's just awesome. Unlike Prof Rowan, Prof Oak can upgrade you Pokedex to the National Pokedex.

I change my mind
I do agree that Oak is better because you guyz changed my mind

Don't read my first post

(But still i think he looks like a perv)


I can't say for sure.
Rowan because that mustache is pwn.
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