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Which part of the pokemon franchise do you associate yourself with


Expert Killer Whale
Definitely the games. I am also pretty involved in the TCG from a collector's standpoint. I'm not much of a battler by any means. I'm addicted to collecting Pokemon cards. Never take me to Walgreens or Target with money or I'll spend it all on cards! Ahahaha.


Gone But Not Forgotten
In general, pretty much all except TCG, I just haven't collected any cards for so long.


Fossil freak
Video games (main series) and manga (PokéSpe). I don't care about the rest, although I used to watch the anime and play the TCG... like 12+ years ago.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Video games, by far. I barely watch the anime anymore, I'm not really into reading manga for anything, and the only time I buy TCG stuff is when there's a deck or something themed after a Pokemon I really like (recently, that'd be Zekrom/Black Kyurem). But I play the games quite a lot.

Räven Velish

black lives matter
Definitely the Games. I still have a lot of cards from when I was a kid, though, I like to occasionally read the manga, and I'm all up for watching an Anime episode, though I almost always miss 'em.


Well-Known Member
Anime and games. I keep up with the anime weekly, and I'm very interested in the games.

Never read the manga. Haven't done anything with the cards in, I don't know, 10 years or so maybe.


Shiny Hunter
The video games, for sure, despite only recently getting into them.

I used to be into the anime/TCG, but that was years ago...Like 10+ years ago...So I wouldn't say I associate those with myself.


The Jimmy Rustler
Mainly Video Games, collect TGC occasionally, don't deal with anime or manga


Well-Known Member
I am only interested in the main series games. I used to collect the cards (never played) and I haven't kept up with the anime since Orange Islands.