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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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Allez Les Bleus!
Scizor. Sweeping all E4.

Sturdy Shedinja

Knower of things
It has to be Volcarona mainly for flame body and fly helps me with egg hatching/iv checks. One of the best gen 5's for just looking like a badass.


Well-Known Member
It's currently Volcarona, merely for the breeding I've been doing. I'm also raising it to 100 so I can get Feiry Dance. Normally I carry Feraligatr and/or Blastoise with me :3


Dark Prince
My very own Luxray. Just seems so sexy. No homo.


Petal Blizzard
I can't think of any pokemon that I ALWAYS had on my team, but the one I've abused of the most over the years is Charden, the Charizard I'm with since my first Fire-Red playthrough. Always transferred him over to the newer gens, and often used him as my flier and to spam around flamethrowers with.....Yup, Charden :D


Back from the dead!
Crobat :D (well and Golbat in FR/LG and R/B/Y)

Since I could not get Crobat in those games, I used Golbat instead. In my Leafgreen, I ended up getting a Crobat after the E4 :D

Anyways that family of pokemon have always been my favorite for reasons unknown. They are fast and somehow never die...

Crobat Forever!


Well-Known Member
my tyranitar and feraligatr say hi.


Vappy Trainer~
My Vaporeon and Ninetales.

They've had a spot in my teams since R/B/Y and likely will long remain so. I love their designs, and they aren't too shabby in battle.

Marbi Z

With the exception of my White Team I always have Lopunny and Gardevoir ;-)


I've always got my Charizard and Metagross with me. In my opinion, coolest pokemon around.


Well-Known Member
i havent been playing white as much only about 2 days orso, bot 5 badges. but Serperior i ALWAYS have with me. if my stupid sister didnt lose her Nds could trade some awesome starters like cyndaquil to pokemon white. but i will have to wait for a while


Well-Known Member
I'll usually keep a tyranitar on my team, and often times have a salamence (favorite dragon) as well. Every option I can I have a typhlosion as well.
As soon as I have it, a shiny umbreon too.


Well-Known Member
There's no one pokemon I keep with me, but I'd have to say Chatot for RNGing and fly. I'm also currently raising a shiny Axew line, which will probably stay with me. I love the shiny Haxorus sprite.

Slayer Shank

The Ozone Deity
To get the obvious out of the way I can't have a team without my starter it's like having an army without the general. Other than the starter I always have a place on my team for that unique yet slightly overpowered pokemon like these guys: ;461; ;448; ;292;


Well-Known Member
Well Rayquazza ;384; has been with me since Ruby, but after he reached Lvl 100, I stopped using him because Lvl 100's are too overpowered for me -.- but in every game since platinum, I use a Weavile! ;461;
Well I always have my Feraligatr from HG with me. Would've taken the one I had in Gold but I can't :| I also usually carry my Mewtwo with me, but that's so I can just destroy anything the game throws at me if I'm not otherwise ready for it. And I usually try to keep my starter from that game with me :3
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