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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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Lillipup Trainer
as soon as i could transfer him poochyena. for black though it's been lillipup. i'm determined to have the strongest lillipup ever.


Armored Legend
Hmm in Black and White, I would carry my Dewott/Samurott with me at all times because it knows False Swipe, and also being a top favorite. But if for all generations, it might be Salamence. It's fun to sweep. =D


Active Member
Always my starter(also for surf) plus a pokemon with fly


Usually Gallade at least once in every game. He is like my exact twin ;)


The pangolin
Sandslash and Swampert, as soon as possible, I get one in each game. It also helps that Sandshrew is catchable in every game except Red and FireRed (In Silver you can get it in the Game Corner).


New Member
My 4th gen Salamence is always with me, since 2009.. yep, he knows Fly


Vanilluxe and my beloved Yanmega... They always support me wherever I go.


Moustache Cash Stash
My Scraggy. I fell in love and couldn't even bare to evolve him. ): He will forever be with me, yeahuh.


Khezu Whelp
As of B/W, a shiny reshiram named Fatalis. (my friend gave it to me, I don't care that it's hacked since you can't really get a shiny one without hacking anyway...)

I just use it for training on Audinos, really. Always nice to add to my Reshiram collection.


execute order 66
my skarmory. i caught him in sapphire version a long time ago but i really didnt use him that much then. i didnt really start to use him until i transferred him to pearl. i taught him fly and carried him with me but hardly ever used him for battle. in soul silver i traded skarmory over after like the 5th gym and used him on my in game team. though being underleveled compared to some of my other pokemon, he could out-preform them. in my final battle with red, skarmory managed to kill his last 3 pokemon after all my others couldnt. and now he plays a leading role wherever i go in black version.


Well-Known Member
My Gardevoir. I've had her for eight years now. She was the first Pokemon I caught in the 3rd generation, and she ended up being Modest with 29 in Special Attack. I've had her for the longest out of all of the Pokemon that I currently possess.


well mine used to be geodude, level 89. i never wanted to evolve it.
Now i decided that my final playthrough of white will be the last time i keep my trusty geodude.
im thinking of keeping my Stoutland for the next couple games.
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