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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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I always keep my starter with me, which is Serperior in White. I carry my "main team" around 99% of the time, though.


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prior to gen III, fearow..
looked like a pretty mean deal when i was a kid
but then i switched to tropius afterwards, though only for HM purposes


I always carry my Electivire with me.Plus he's my sweeper.


Heart Tamer
I always carry my Serperior (Smugleaf) and my Excadrill.
Excadrill is for physical battle pwnage.
Smugleaf is for wit battle pwnage.


I reckon that shoud be a battle mode. Which Pokemon can backchat the best?


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I always have my Serperior and my Unfezant. I'm attached to them since one's my starter and the other I trained up from early in the game.

Haha yes! Serperior used witty comeback!It's super effective!
In SS, I always tend to have my Murkrow on me, and in Black, Archeos is my main. Generally, though, I use Treeko, Grovyle and Sceptile a lot.


Disney Trainer
Always a High Level Pokemon, like a Emboar, or a Flying type.


My Sweet Guardian
In SS, it was my Beedrill Sting. He was always with me no matter what. In Black, it's a a shiny Japanese Golurk named Enetsuto. I trained him to level 100 and he just stayed on my team permanently.


My Jirachi...but I'm thinking of restarting my Pokemon White.
my serperior and my musharna. For two reasons,

1º - serperior was my starter and I just took him out of my team once, for the Global Link championship. Musharna was my third pokemon, I captured her just after i rescued munna and musharna in the dreamyard.

2º - they are my capture team, that means, I always capture a pokemon with them, using serperior leech seed and musharna hypnosis.

Gas Snake X

Arbiter of Time
My EV trained Garchomp (Darkchomp since it pwns my friend Rayquaza in Attack, Speed, and for some reason Sp. Attack) and my Unifezant to fly me high into the sky (lols)


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Breloom always has a space in my party no matter what. It's hands down my favorite pokemon :3 It was one of the first pokemon that I caught during my first run through of Ruby the year that it came out (I was in like 3rd or 4th grade I think?) but yeah. The reason being? The name Shroomish. I laughed so hard when I saw that. Cuz my grandpa and I used to go out picking the not-drug mushrooms that grow around the woods in here that he fries up sometimes. and when we'd find one he'd say to yell shroom! So that made me think of that so I caught it and kept it on my team. I really didn't care that I already had a grass type on the team (treeko) and it worked well. I actually still have that first female breloom of mine :D throughout the generations :'D Though I have made a few other alternates lol.


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ok i posted on this thread a while ago saying i dont carry the same type of pokemon areound but that was a lie sry i always carry my giritina
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