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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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wanna see me run to that mountain and back
Probably Smeargle or Hitmontop. Swampert is nearly always in my team to.


playing in-game, i usually carry a swanna, for utility, and as my HM slave. on my PO teams, i always have either a T-Tar, or one of these two: Mienshao or Conk. i like the two opposites.


I do liek mudkipz.
I always carry my beloved Absol, which is now lv.100. EV trained too. It travelled a long way from Pearl, through HeartGold and to be finally in Black. I just love it. :)

Mr. pokedude

Shadow the Ghost-Hog
My Gallade. Along with the other pokemon in my sig, there was just something special when I caught it, I couldn't let it go.


MEWsic <3
My metagross. It was extremely hard to catch (it has such a low catch rate) and now it's level 78. It's my faithful partner and I absolutely love it.

Also, my victini. It's level 84 right now and it's pretty strong. I got it from the victini event long ago. It's awesome :D


Keyblade wielder
My victini but i always love my lucario even though its only level 55


Rikudou Master
My precious Ambipom, who I took the time to catch with a good nature and EV train.


c l a r i t y
My amazing Calm nature Gothitelle, she kicks *** with her Psychic and disables with a rotation of Attract, Toxic and Thunder Wave. I have been EV training her at least a lot.

Also, my starter Samurott with a Serious nature never leaves my party.


like pepsi cola
I never have a pokemon that's with me in every team; I like to think of each game as an oppurtunity to give 6 new pokemon spots on my team, mostly because I love training such a wide variety and taking them all through the 'collecting 8 badges together' journey. There's too many pokes and not enough games to raise 'em with, that's the problem xD
You'll never see my party without an Umbreon there! On Pokemon Black I always had a Pokemon ready to shift out as soon as I could use PokeTransfer...you can probably guess which Pokemon I transferred over first :D
My trusty companion Eclipse has helped me through Diamond and having him on Black is just brilliant!

Charizard The Great

The Great One
I have a system whereby for each game I have a party of Pokemon and try to make it so that: a) they are from that generation, and b) only have more than once if it's a situation like Red/Fire Red (similar teams) and Silver/Soul Silver.

However, the one Pokemon I always train hard in literally every Pokemon game on the handhelds is, you guessed it, Charizard. What a hero it truly is.
In my super amazing Black, it's my Arceus, but that's because he learns fly, surf, and waterfall, so he's a great HM slave.

In my Platinum, I always have my Pidgeot with me simply to fly.
Usually my Rayquaza from Pokemon Ruby, which I caught after about a gazillion turns with a pokeball. He's called Nuage and he knows Surf and Fly for the ultimate convenience. XD


Guardiana Cristálica
Nice, I always have in my team a Scissor. You do never know when you're really gonna end up using one.
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