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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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Pikapuff Trainer
Well ever since I started playing Pokemon White these three pokemon been with me pretty much since the very start:

Oshawott -> Samurott
Ponyta -> Rapidash
Pichu -> Raichu

But in all the games I played a Pikachu was always in my team ever since Red. Felt weird evolving a pikachu into a raichu for the first time ever.


Active Member
Swampert, had him in every game since he was my starter in ruby years ago, the very same swampert as well.


Pika hugger ❤
Swampert, Pikachu! :D


Well-Known Member
I always have my Honchkrow with me, for flying about. I also usually have my Chandelure or Samurott, and sometimes my trusty Scrafty. Scrafty reached Level 100 quite a while ago, so I currently only use him for battling the Riches in Undella.


Well-Known Member
Volcarona hasn't left my party since I caught it. Fly plus the ability to hatch countless eggs faster, what more could you possibly want in a pokemon? :p

Cool Boy

Be fearless
I usually go with ampardos...


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
Heatran :) I've had her since Pearl and she's flawless in RE (except battles, where she has a bit of trouble against water pokemon)


Ace Trainer
Red or Green, always with me.

Mostly either Groudon or Rayquaza, mostly Rayquaza since he is lv.100 and he knows fly, so I can get around and wipe out weaker wild pokemon getting in my way XD


Ever since black it's been Reshiram, EV trained and lvl 100. It basically just helps me with training and getting around, and it looks awesome. Before B/W I'm not really sure, my team would change a lot other than a flyer.


Pokedex 636/649
I always hav my started with me at all time


The Living Hologram
In white i used only 10 pokemon. Stoutland, samurott, seismatoad, unfazent, and eelectric never switched.


Pokemon Collector
I use my crobat in white cause a guy needs to fly travel


God of Fire
Charizard 8) first pokemon i ever got and i will be the last one i will ever have (if i ever stop playing pokemon which is unlikely or if i die) :)


Pokemon Hunter
Haxorus Cuz I've leveled it from 1-100 x) and not EV Trained! Volcarona to fly and flame body ability to hatch eggs easier, 3rd is Aerodactyle as HM Slave (Strength +fly) and my surfer is Blastoise (Surf, Waterfall) last 2 spots are pokemons that Either I want to level or just keep them open~ ^^;
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