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Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

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Well-Known Member
I always carry my Braviary because i fly with it.


Leafeon Lover
I always have to have both Glaceon and Leafeon with me, despite the lack of need for a grass type in most games. Others that I use a lot are Jolteon, Pichu, Gengar and I often like to use my starter throughout a game too.


God of Fire
Charizard! its the coolest and most awesome pokemon ever :) Its like my Pikachu for Ash


Dawn's number 1 fan™
I always carry my my starter Pokemon, so my Samurott never leaves my side :D

Fabulous Ampharos

Pokemon Breeder :3
Dragonite is always in my team ;3 She never leaves :3


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't say there's a specific pokemon I always keep, but as for a specific type - I always have a flying type, no matter what.


Forever now
For type, I've always had water and poison and psychic type with me.
Crobat and Swoobat are always in my team.



Always a water or grass type like Empoleon or Serperior. Sometimes a dragon type like Hydreigon.


Kingdra Trainer
My Jirachi, whom I have had since FireRed after trading my Armaldo for him, is always in my party as soon as I can migrate him over to the next Generation.


La Melancolie Noir
Well, in my current playthrough of White, I have a few Pokemon that seem to be in my party a lot. A bunch of them are HM slaves; others are useful for catching Pokemon, or I just like them.

Stoutland: I think she's the Pokemon who's in my party the most. I've had her in my team a lot lately when exploring a new area, since she knows both Dig and Strength. She's pretty strong too, so is useful for battling trainers as well.
Swanna: Surf, Fly, Roost, and Featherdance. I wouldn't have any other moveset on a Swanna. Makes him both a useful HM slave and a decent battler.
Zebstrika: I used to have her in my team a lot whenever I explored a new area, because I like to have her use Thunder Wave to paralyze a Pokemon I'm trying to catch. But now that I have a Galvantula with Thunder Wave, I might just have her fulfill this role instead.
Audino: He's an awesome support Pokemon, so I always bring him along if I anticipate lots of double battles, and frequently for training in the double battle grass as well. He also has higher-than-usual Attack, making him able to stand his own in a single battle as well. His current moveset is Secret Power, Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, and Attract. I love it.


Active Member
Though How much I don't like him...Volcarona is always in my party. I'll have only that pokemon with me at most times...Only because it's the only pokemon I have that has Flame Body and Fly...Might be the only pokemon that can have both as well but not sure on that.

My friend when he breeds pokemon, he'll always have a staraptor and a Magmar...And I'm like..."Dude...just use a Volcarona. You'll get Fly + Flame body so you can hold 5 eggs at a time in your party."


Active Member
Well, first it was my Blaziken and my Tyranitaur.
Then it was my Torterra...
But now I'm switching things up again so we'll see what happens.
I keep my Reshiram in my party at all times. Not only does it know fly, which is very useful, but I also absolutely adore that thing! It's so useful to have in my party, and it's so strong


You got this, Sonic!
My Reshiram in Black. It's ability allows it to OHKO Marshall's Sawk and the only time that I deposit it is when I hatch multiple Eggs.


Active Member
Charizard. Ever since red version ^_^
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