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Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?


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I think it would be criminal to not have the Honedge line appear in Galar. Aegislash is literally the Sword and Shield Pokémon.

And Pokémon like Gallade, Pawniard, Bisharp, Escavalier, Stoutland and Lapras all seem perfectly fit for a UK-based region as well.

Edit: Ok, so as of June 11, 2019 we now know that the National Pokédex has been Thanos Snapped in what is being referred to as "Dexit", and will be permanently decimated moving forward.

So I will likely comment later in this thread with a new list of what I'd like to see. In the meantime, you can check the confirmed Galarian Dex right here, courtesy of Serebii: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml
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Call of Fate
Ducklett, Starly, Bidoof, Roselia, Helioptile, Whismur, Smeargle, Magikarp, Zubat, Nidoran, Poliwag, Carvanha, Gligar, Skrelp, Swablu, Bagon, Sneasel, Mantine, Gible, Dratini, Druddiggon, Venipede, Mareep, Grubbin, Scyther, Aron, Larvitar, Growlithe, Ralts, Sandile, Staryu, Trapinch, Golett, Drifloon, Ferroseed, Togepi, Eevee, Electrike, Cubone, Geodude, Sandshrew, Swinub, Seel, Spheal, Beldum, Dwebble, Snover, Croagunk, Marill, Skorupi, Natu, Gastly, Chinchou, Skiddo, Larvesta, Wimpod, Dewpider, Wooper, Shellos, Honedge, Pancham, Shroomish, Omanyte, Kabuto, Joltik, Archen, Tirtouga, Frillish, Lotad, Exeggcute, Horsea, Deino, Murkrow lines, Absol, Skarmory, Stunfisk, Tropius, Aerodactyl, Qwilfish.


Explorer of Ruins
Morelull line because that mushroom area on the map screams Gras types and Fairy types.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
Unfezant & Swanna lines.


Informed Casual
Even though there's a chance we get wolf based legendaries, I really want to see Rockruff and Lycanroc come back - they look like they would fit with the Galar region pretty well actually.

Also if we get returning legendaries to roam around the region, I'm seriously hoping for the Muskedeers this time (instead of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres)
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We never got Solrock & Lunatone in the Sun/Moon games (still amuses me), so no guarantee we'll see the Honedge line, but it would be nice. Beyond that, I'd like to see all the horse (or horse-like) lines: Rapidash, Mudsdale, Zebstrika; and the lion-like lines: Pyroar & Luxray.

Beyond that, I'd imagine we're going to get a large amount of Dragons (for that whole medieval theme) and Steel types. In fact, I could see a lot of the 'evil Team' executives & higher level trainers having Bisharp since he's fairly knight-like (I think he's supposed to be a pun of 'Sharp' and 'Bishop', but still fairly medieval).

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Mainly anything that can’t be obtained in Apricorn Balls (assuming we’ll actually be able to buy them in bulk this time). Solrock and Lunatone are two I want in particular and I’m still baffled neither were catchable in Gen7 at all despite literally being sun and moon Pokémon. The Alola starters, Volbeat and Illumise are others I’m desperate to have in Apricorn Balls so would love to be able to find them.

For other Pokémon I’ve been quite tempted to use Mothim in a playthrough even though it’s terrible and Cloyster is something I also want to try, so I’d quite like to see these families available. I mostly want to stick with new Pokémon but if there aren’t enough I like or ones I would use are only available late in the game, I’d like to have these options as alternatives.


Eh, ragazzo!
Assuming Galar doesn't get its own frog, I want a frog to come back, maybe Croagunk or Tympole.


Meme Historian
I think it would be criminal to not have the Honedge line appear in Galar. Aegislash is literally the Sword and Shield Pokémon.

And Pokémon like Gallade, Pawniard, Bisharp, Escavalier, Stoutland and Lapras all seem perfectly fit for a UK-based region as well.
get ready for dissapointment. Gen 7 is missing solrock and lunatone, so they could easily forget aegislash's line.

As for me, I'd like to see some mega evolutions missing from gen 7, like beedrill. Maybe bring some gen 5 pokemon too like deino.