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Which Pokemon Are You? ( PMD Style )

Discussion in 'Games' started by Mew The Gato, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    Many of you must be aware that the earlier PMD games asked us some questions in a Personality Quiz and we become a Pokemon based on our responses. In this thread, I will put a question with a few options. One Pokemon will be assigned to each option, however, it will not be revealed at first. I will wait for 10 minutes after putting a question ( or more, until at least 1 person posts ) After the answers are in, I will reveal the Pokemon assigned to each option.

    For Example:-

    You find a pile of toys in someone else's home! What will you do?

    - Steal the toys
    - Ask the owner of the toys for permission to borrow them.
    - Ignore the toys. You are too old for them.

    Answer ( Example )

    Answer 1 = Purrloin
    Answer 2 = Lillipup
    Answer 3 = Garchomp ( See this for why Garchomp. http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue13/manliest_pokemon )



    - You must wait for 10 minutes ( or more, until at least one person posts ) before saying the Pokemon assigned to each option!
    - You cannot put a fellow Forum Member's name in any question!
    - If someone answers a question and the asker does not respond in 24 HOURS, then someone else can post another question!
    - No bad words in questions or options.

    So... let me start!
    "Are you easy to scare?

    - Of course not!
    - Ahh! You scared me!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2013
  2. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Of Course Not!

    "Someone you care about finds you weird. what would you do?"

    - Cry and sob
    - Change your personality
    - I am me, No one else

    1. Swablu
    2. Castform
    3. Bidoof

    IDK if i did that right >.>
  3. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    Actually, you do not have to reveal the Pokemon assigned just yet.


    Answer 1 = Braviary
    Answer 2 = Ralts

    So, Pokemon list:-

    Cyrius is a Braviary!


    I am me, no one else.

    P.S. Please do it in this format. You post questions in alternate posts. Question, Answer, Question........ So, I did not put a question in this post.
  4. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Ok then sorry about that :L

    1. Swablu
    2. Castform
    3. Bidoof

    Blany is a Bidoof! :D


    So i guess ill make another one then >.>

    "You find yourself needing to make a descision right away. what would you do?"

    - Flip a coin
    - ask for more time
    - panic and mumble
  5. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Flip a coin
  6. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    Ask for more time. Also, I said that please make questions on alternate posts, or no one else will get a chance.
  7. Cyrius

    Cyrius Ice-Cold Charisma

    Oh ok then.

    1. Murkrow
    2. Slowpoke
    3. petelil

    P^2 is a Murkrow!
    Blany is a slowpoke!
  8. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    "You find an injured Pokemon! What will you do?"

    - Get it to a Pokemon Center.
    - Try to treat it on the spot.
    - Ignore it. It is not your problem.
  9. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

  10. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    Answer 1= Latias/Latios ( For different genders )
    Answer 2= Chansey
    Answer 3= Mewtwo. It is described to have the least compassionate heart of all Pokemon.


    blueumbreon is Chansey!
  11. Liz Azzimagica

    Liz Azzimagica Angelic Trainer

    ok, ok, I think I get it now:

    Your walking alone and you hear the sound of a icecream truck, you:

    -check your walent and make sure you have enough for icecream
    -hum the music and let it pass
    -say "no, no! I'm on a diet! no!" and run
  12. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    -hum the music and let it pass. Also, rules updated.

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