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Which Pokemon did you pick for your partner and why(PMD2)


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I chose pikachu because he covers my weakness and he's on of the pokemon(alongside treecko) whom i thought had sprites in the game better than the others.


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I picked Cyndaquil as my partner because:

1. Cyndaquil is SO cute, IMO. :3
2. It's my boyfriend's fave Pokemon. And seriously, I named it after him, since I also named myself to the main character, which is Turtwig. =P


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I chose Chikorita, seeing as it is my favorite starter, and one of my favorite Pokemon ever.

I would've been it myself, but I'm a guy, and it's more feminine. So she got to be my partner, while I was the ultra-manly TORCHIC


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I chose Piplup for no particular reason. I've grown to hate it lately so I'm probably going to start again. =D

Kitty Aruseus

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Dunno why... maybe the ground mix in at torterra... dunno do I?


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I picked Piplup because I absolutely love Piplup :p
But if I have Piplup as the hero, I would choose either Torchic, Chikorita or Chimchar.


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I chose Chimchar, because it's attacks are strong, and I wanted to have a partner from 4th generation, because it's not possible to have one in PMD 1. Also, Chimchar is good against Grass types that are Mudkip's biggest "problems", and I just haven't ever used Chimchar before in any game.


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I chose Squirtle because i think that Water and Grass are a good type duo and I like Kanto because it is awesome


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I chose Pikachu because it worked best with my pokemon. I got a Charmander so naturally, the main type I would have to worry about it water, in which Pikachu's electric attacks come in mighty handy. I would have chosen a grass type so it could work on ground types as well, but I just love Pikachu too much. It's so cute.


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I picked Turtwig to back up my Chimchar b/e I like the mix of fire and grass. Had that combo in PMD1. Plus I usually only pick pokemon from the same generation. Only acception being Pikachu to back up whatever pokemon is main. Still: fire & water = can't go wrong
I picked Torchic since my Totodile would be weak against Grass types, AND her Sand-Attack and Mirror Move helped alot.
Red: I chose Cubone and I can't remember my partner...
Time: I chose Treecko and Pikachu. I kept doing the quiz and getting Treecko, so I took that as a hint and stuck with it.


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Eh... I just answered the questions honestly and was happy with whoever I got. (Bulbasaur in Blue, Pikachu in Darkness)

However, my partner in Blue was a Mudkip, and my partner in Darkness is a Turtwig.


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I picked Pikachu. I picked it because I was a Mudkip and well, I kinda wanted a Pikachu anyway... Heh.
I wanted to be a Mudkip as a main character and I luckily got it.((Not going on to any websites to get some guide to answer the questions to get whichever pokemon I wanted, I just answered truthfully! Yay irony!))


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I think the perfect partners for PDM1&2 are:

- PDM1: Pikachu
- PDM2: Piplup

Just because I think the expressions on their face when they show their faces are simple the best!


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I didn't really pick my partner for any reason. I guess the only one would maybe be because munchlax was from the 4th generation and I was really into those pokemon at the time.


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Turtwig because I wanted a Mudkip. Since they both have Ground evos I'd be able to add a Tyranitar and one of those type-representative item thingies.