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Which Pokemon do you like following you in HG/SS?

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Whichever starter i had picked, usually totodile up until i got Mewtwo ofcourse as it looks like its levitating.


Joan Ranger
Glaceon is SUPER cute following you around, but Mareep is too!!!

I wish they would bring this feature back:)


I liked having my Pichu and then Pikachu follow me! They were SOOOO CUTE! Makes me regret evolving it, but I can always breed another I guess!


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Deoxys looks wicked, Feraligatr and Typhlosion as well. My all time favorite is Mew in HG/SS.


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shiny noctowl is awesome following me with its wings flapping. I also like mew very cute


King of Mediocrity
I like my Arbok following me he looks so intimidating and it makes my character look twisted having this big *** snake follow him around.


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Indeed I missed those time so much since they did not do this anymore in BW and XY. For the Pokémon to follow me I will choose Waninoko, Kairyu and Gaburias because the starter always deserves to be a walking Pokémon like Satoshi's Pikachu and Kairyu/ Gaburias are my favourite dragons.
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