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Which pokemon game mechanic is your least favorite?

Which pokemon game mechanic is your least favorite?

  • Mega Evolution

  • Z-Moves

  • Dynamax/Gigantamax

  • Terastal

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None of these matter to me really since the games rarely use those moves and often i already overpower them before i ever lose my strongest. and Terastal does cause lagging. But all of those pale in comparison to HM Moves from older games which i recommend adding.

It took 8 Generations for them GameFreak and Pokemon Company to finally decided to remove all of it, including the ride pokemon's.
The only good moves in both battling and on the map are Fly and Surf. But cutting down, prickly bushes, strength puzzles, rock smash, defog and flash.
And worst of all most of these puzzles don't leave in the older games with the exception of strength boulders.


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Dynamax was so lame in both concpet and execution. Made me ignore an entire generation of competitive


I'll go with Dynamax for the fact that it started the trend of "one gimmick per generation only". It would have been fine and it made from cool strategies, but if they're just going to abandon it and everything else when moving on, it feels like a bother to implement. I'd prefer if they thought of a more balanced system that could have longevity.

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I liked them all to varying degrees but Z-moves were probably my least favourite (even if I did think there was some more cool things that could have been done with them). Some of the animations for the moves weren't that great and all took a while .


Z-Moves. I only used them a few times in S/M/US/UM, and while they did come in handy, ultimately I'd rather just stick with regular moves since almost none of the NPCs that I faced were strong enough to require the usage of Z-Moves to defeat.


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Mega Evolution because only a handful of Pokemon can Mega Evolve and a lot of Pokemon that didn't deserve a Mega got one such as Mewtwo, Blaziken, Charizard, Lucario, and plenty of other already strong Pokemon. I believe only average Pokemon should've gotten Megas in order to make them more competitive and on par with already popular Pokemon.


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Rather than telling you what my least favorite is, I'll just list a problem I have with each of the mechanics.

Mega evolution is too selective. You have 48 total certain Pokemon having two.
Z-moves barely have any new forms associated with them. The exception is Ultra Necrozma.
Dynamax/G-Max is the most overpowered. HP buff and boosted moves allow a Pokemon to get some strong hits without being threatened.
Terastral Phenomenon is the hardest to really utilize that well in-game, given that a lot of it is same-type, and post-game unlocks changing types.