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which pokemon league do you like most

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No fire types so rock flying types was all you had
lots of water and ice types
again water types and ground
if you did get a dark type or a non poison type
and give it your best shot with all your pokemon


Well johto was a bit simpler than the others they were low levels so it was was easier to pass by


The avatars suck.
Kanto. The first elite 4 member is misleading. using water types, in an Ice type battle >_>
Most ice types back then were part water.

Also, I choose Johto.
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I'm not ashamed to say that I liked Hoenn the best.


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Hahahah for me it has to be kanto because I could never get passed Gary when playing fire red or leaf green. I never got a chance to play a game is Jhoto. And hoene and sinnouh are easy


Hoene was a bit challenging with Phoebe


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I started with Ruby, so my favorite is Hoenn. Drake seems to be a little bit more offensively inclined than Lance, and I always had the hardest time with Glacia.

Closely followed by Kanto.


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I like the Sinnoh league a lot.

Their teams are quite well balanced type wise and their Pokemon had really good attacks. I just could not get past Aaron's Drapion. Kanto's league did prove challenging the last time I played it although after a long break I did it in the end. They weren't that challenging, I believe my Pokemon were at most 10 levels below Gary's when I beat him.


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Kanto was the hardest, but Johto was the easiest. Hoenn is the most fun to grind though.

And in Johto, Lance knows the greatest way to become champion is to lower the lvl of your pokemon! Even Bruno is following him in de-leveling of their pokes. Who knows, by the time dragonite is lvl 30, he might overthrough red!!!

Corroded Arceus

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I personally like Sinnoh's. I find the type specialties to be quite interesting. Like, Bug. Not the strongest type, and Aaron's pretty easy to beat, but it's very interesting.

I prefer battles that are interesting rather than difficult, because I get infuriated so easily.


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kanto's would have to be my favorite becuase i could get through it pretty fast and it was good for getting easy money. plus gary was a challenge that was fun to fight.


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For me, Kanto!

After defeating the first four members for the first time, and thinking I had won, I walked that hallway only to be greeted by Gary's powerful Pokemon

A true classic!

lucario is best

shiny seeker
i like jhoto its so cool XD

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The Sinnoh league looks awesome; a huge castle with nice decorations in Platinum.
The most challenging was Kanto in Fire Red and Leaf Green.
The worst was in Hoenn and I never tried Johto.
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