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which pokemon symbolises you the most

super riolu31

... well the name prettymuch says it all,

example: mine is riolu, because im smaller than most of my friends but i can beat any of them in a fight [ and i have]


Roaring Flames!
Mine is Rotom. I'm short, love to have fun and I'm constantly changing emotions, just like Rotom changes formes.


silently, we wait
Definately Snorlax. All i do is eat and sleep, but when i get fired up watch out;143;
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Choice Specs Swampert is me.

Because I'm different : )


I can see the future
I think Absol is a pretty good representation of me. I'm normally not one to be around others, and when I am, I enjoy being the devil's advocate. I'm very much like the character, Soru, the Absol in my fan fic.


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Let's see now...
Tall, can be invisible to others (not literally), intelligent, quiet, not particularly fast OR slow, willing to protect my friends and family at any cost...

Yeah, probably Gardevoir.


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I'd have to say... Shellder. Normally I stay cooped up and quiet, but if you get to know me I can actually be pretty random or funny. At least sometimes.


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Probably Gallade. I'm tall, strong, intelligent, and I've been told I'm very courteous(ya'know, the whole chivalry thing gallades dex entry). If not Gallade, then I'm Lucario. I'm kind of the strong quiet type, and it's pretty easy for me to tell what others are thinking.
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Intelligent, strong, tall, educated.

I guess I'm Gallade as well. The only difference is that Gallade's thinner.