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which pokemon would you be?


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(please note this thread is NOT a "what pokemon would you like to be?" thread)

which pokemon most resembles you? be it their type (or type combination), their pokedex entries, their stats, their moveset, their behaviour in the cartoons, just their sprite appearance, or any combination you see fit

so, are you pure evil? maybe darkrai suits you! a bed-wetter that likes a punch-up? poliwrath's your man! a bright spark that works well in a team? either plusle or minun may be your hidden soulmate...

i'd say gallade ;475; is pretty close to me in person (but i do have the occasional psyduck ;054; day...)


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I think that i'm most like...Rhyperior.


The Essential One
I'll say a Kadabra. Not much of muscle, but pretty smart, but not as smart as Alakazam.


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I think that I'm most like Electivire because I'm strong and powerful. I've got what it takes to defeat the opponent. I know this is off topic, but have you ever noticed that Electivire has a plug-in in his back !?!?


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After role playing in pokeplace town for so long as a manaphy, I tend to see myself as connected to that image. A natural leader, I can step forward and take charge just as manaphy must as prince of the sea. Still we are both fun loving and seen as a positive personality.


From Zero To Hero
Another one of these threads....... OK well I would be Ditto, so I could change into anything I wanted to.... Or a Starmie.


<------ my 1st shiny
Another one of these threads....... OK well I would be Ditto, so I could change into anything I wanted to.... Or a Starmie.

you got a link for a thread like this? (your answer suggests you didn't even read the first post in this one btw)

also, feel free to explain why you'd be the pokemon named dudes :)


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I see myself as a good Xatu. Intelligent, odd, and kind. Plus, I love birds in general.

Of course, I have some other personalities. Maybe I'm more of an Altaria on my wild days, flying freely through the air and blasting things with dragon fire. And perhaps a Slakoth on my lazy days. There's probably many more.
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In personality, I am probably most like Slaking. Yes, I know how that sounds, but personality wise, I really am lazy and don't like doing things unless I need to, and have an awful temper. I almost feel like I'm insulting myself haha

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
I would be Dialga. Many resistence.


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I would be Mew. Quite shy and small, and fast moving, but powerful, but also likes to have fun and can be a little bit cheeky :D