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Which Psychic type should I use in Platinum

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by mmp64son, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. mmp64son

    mmp64son Member

    Okay so I need a psychic type for my team in Platinum. I've narrowed it down to Azelf or Espeon. I have an Eevee right now, so I can get an Espeon pretty quickly. The problem with Azelf is I'm pretty sure you have to beat the game to get him, so there wouldn't be much point in waiting that long to add my final pokemon to my team.
    Any Suggestions?
  2. TanBun

    TanBun I'm back :3

    espeon. You don't completely have to beat the game, but you need tO do t final cyrus battle first. Espeon has nice attacks if you train it, and Azelf looks ugly, and come on, who battles with legendaries....
  3. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    Espeon or Gardevoir is my preference; but if of the two you've narrowed it down to, Espeon all the way!
  4. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for an attacker, go with Espeon. If you need a wall, I would suggest Bronzong, but that's not in your choices.
  5. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*

    *PKMN Trainer Paddy* #HORSEPOWER

    Gardevoir is the one that springs to mind. But out of the two youve got i would pick espeon as it is far easier to train or level up than azelf.
  6. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    Espeon definitely. While Azelf is my favorite out of the trio, Psychics are more spatking, and azelf is phsyically oriented
    Plus using legendaries in your run through is not my cup of tea, but that's more of your preference
    To answer of one your questions, you don't need to beat the game to get azelf, just catching/beating giratina
  7. logwood

    logwood New Member

    I say catch an Abra and train it. Its hard at first but after you get Kadabra his special attack is amazing then just throw in a twisted spoon and your good to go.
  8. Canada

    Canada Banned

    Like others said maybe Espeon out of those.
  9. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    GALLAdE or gardevoir for sure tho hopefully the devs create a more powerful physical psychic move because psycho cuts not strong enough1
  10. mmp64son

    mmp64son Member

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I decided to use an Espeon for my team :D
  11. UUTrainerUU

    UUTrainerUU Just a Fan

    As wonderful as Espeon is (and I mean it when I say that), its defense isn't so great, and neither is the HP. Still, that isn't something you should be too concerned about, unless you're planning on using Espeon competitively. But I'm sure that everyone here knows that Espeon has potential and shouldn't be judged on something so...insignificant. With some EV training in Defense, she can be as good as any other Pokemon. <3

    Whoops, I got a little carried away, <3 Espie Wespie.. I love the eeveelutions if you haven't noticed. Unbearably adorable in my opinion. She's in my sig, look!! Cute, right? They sure do got the music!
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2013
  12. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Espeon, Gardevoir or Gallade are the best options I can suggest for you. Espeon may take some time to obtain and Gallade requires male gender and Dawn evolution stone.
  13. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

    Go with Gallade or Alakazam. You can use Espeon if you'd like, but I never liked the eeveelutions.
  14. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    Espeon/Gardevoir/Gallade/Kadabra will most likely help you out the most. I wouldn't go with a Legendary, as they'll take longer to get.
    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  15. Thunder09

    Thunder09 Boo!

    Maybe you should go with Alakasam because it looks epic.
  16. I-am-the-peel

    I-am-the-peel Justice Forever

    It takes a while to get a dawn stone to evolve Kirlia into Gallade, and you'd also need a friend to evolve Kadabra, so I suggest getting either Eevee/Kadabra/Gardevoir/Girafarig.

    Personally, I'd go with Espeon or Gardevoir since I can get them early on in the game, but it's up to you. If you wanted something native to sinnoh, I'd go with Gallade or Bronzong, but for general preference, I'd say Espeon or Gardevoir. They're quite helpful in game, as they're pretty good against Fantina, Flint, and Volkner. Their solid special defence and high special attack are really good imo.
  17. ☭Azimuth_055☣

    ☭Azimuth_055☣ Thou enraged?

    Overall, I'd recommend Alakazam because of its awesome Special Attack and Speed. Great for sweeping.
  18. nathandg0924

    nathandg0924 Back in the meantime

    Between the both of then, I'd suggest Espeon but if you don't mind other suggestions, I'd suggest using Gallade. Both the guys I mentioned are easier to get (for me at least) and can pretty much beat anything that stands their way.
    - Nate the;448;
  19. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    Espeon since you haven't beat the game yet.
  20. ashiemore

    ashiemore Well-Known Member

    Gallade(of course) or Espeon are the best choices I can think of.


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