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Which Ralts should I breed with?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Conquistador, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    Well, I've been breeding Ralts forever now, and I've got some pretty good ones. I now have 2 females, but I can't choose which one to breed with.

    Here are the participants' IVs:

    Female Candidate #1


    Female Candidate #2



    They will be breeding with this male:


    As you can see, ralts # 2 has absolutely shocking HP IVs, but very good speed ones (compared to ralts # 1) Whereas Ralts # 1 has average HP and shocking speed. And the male has above average in both HP and Speed, although shocking defense, unlike both females. So which female should I use with this male? (it's the best male I've got).
  2. Raikou77

    Raikou77 Well-Known Member

    Candidate #1 imo. Calm > Sassy, even if Calm has a 1 in Spd it will be faster than a Sassy with 31 in Spd.
  3. Inazuma

    Inazuma Kyokudo <33

    Use #1,It's the only really good one IMO.
  4. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the first candidate is much better to use.
  5. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    The nature don't matter at all, don't take them into an account, because I'm just using these pokemon for the IVs, for breeding until I breed a modest Ralts, which I will actually use on my team.
  6. The Mighty Wurmple

    The Mighty Wurmple Well-Known Member

    I'd use #2 to be honest.
  7. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    That's what I thought too...

    I mean, IN GENERAL with something like an gardie, 31 extra hp isnt a HUGE amount. All I can hope is that the modest one I eventually get will have at least 15 HP IVs.
  8. loopy100

    loopy100 Hasty Ho Oh

    Is this on Emerald????

    Otherwise u have not put effort points into the eqaution...Unless thay have no EP's on any stat, which is very unlikely at Lv 29....Those figures are wrong
  9. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    Im not a retard -_-

    They don't have any EVs, they're all trained via Day Care.

    PS: What difference would it make if it was on Emerald?
  10. b3an0b0y

    b3an0b0y Well-Known Member

    candidate #1
  11. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    It would be nice if you could add why, otherwise it just seems like you've copied what everyone else says....
  12. crudent

    crudent Well-Known Member

    lol, beanoboy's just spamming.

    Anyway, you don't know much about breeding, do you?

    I'd suggest breeding with #1 first to get that Sp Att and Speed right first. Then use the male offspring with awesome Sp Att and Speed and breed it with #2, for better overall IVs.

    That's the way dedicated breeding works, not just some one-off crap process.
  13. Hunter-Z

    Hunter-Z Insert witty title

    I'd say #2 because of the better overall stats.
  14. loopy100

    loopy100 Hasty Ho Oh

    Sorry...lol....On Emerald there is a berry that lets u take off EV's...U might of used that to get 0 EV's.
  15. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    candidate #1

    when they breed, 3 stats from either parent are automatically passed down, now if one of those stats is Sp.Atk, then theres a chance you'll get a 31, but if you chose #2 then you'd be stuck with 30 all of the time
  16. Hunter-Z

    Hunter-Z Insert witty title

    31 is nice, but I don't think 1 point really matters unless you are going for all perfect 31s.
  17. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    Lol, that's ok.

    Yes, I know, once again, I'm not a retard. And the one that had min of 30 and max of 31, is 31, They're both from the same parent (the IV that is)

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter because I've now bred 2 totally different parents with very nice IVs all round.
  18. BAM

    BAM Not the finger!!!

    I would think #2 is better because it has way better Ivs in speed than #1. And its Sp.A is only one lower. Its Hp is alot lower though.
  19. Glen ^^

    Glen ^^ Slacker Trainer

    #2... Speed's an important thing to pass on.
  20. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    Jeesh, read my latest post you guys, I said that it doesn't matter anymore xP.

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