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Which Ranger game did you like the best?

Which Ranger game did you like the most?

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One Truth Prevails
The title is pretty self explanatory. Which Pokemon Ranger game did you like the most, and why?

I personally liked Shadows of Almia the most. While I liked the wireless features of Guardian Signs, I feel like Shadows had the best storyline, and I liked being able to chose your partner Pokemon.


Shadows of Almia had a better story line in my opinion. And the funny part is that I played the Japanese version first so while I didn't understand what was going on, I was still impressed with the depth of the game. That's just how amazing it was. I loved the music and the various missions. Definitely the best Ranger game.


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Shadows of Almia is definitely my favourite. I thought it was an improvement from the original, especially when it came to the Pokemon capturing mechanics. I like the Almia region a lot and I remember enjoying the story too.

Guardian Signs would be my second favourite, loved the Oblivia region.


I voted for Shadows of Almia. It has better characters and better characters, imo. The other games are good too, but... Almia is my fave. <.>


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I've only played Shadows and Guardian Signs but I think Shadows of Almia is the best.


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I agree with everybody on SoA that the story was good. Many bosses were fun to fight against, along with the Pokemon you can capture.

Skylander Sylveon

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SoA! :D

I really liked the sprites, characters and the storyline in general. It was a great game and really made me feel like I was in it. Overall, a great game and definitely my favorite, despite the other's awesome assets. <3