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Which recurring/past character would you like to battle/meet Ash in Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by OfCorsola, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. BJack

    BJack Zura

    A big part of Ash's most developed, loved and famous Pokemon are fully evolved like Charizard,Infernape and Sceptile. They don't have to say mediocre to be interesting. And if they aren't going to evolve at least make them competent and not a joke, this is why people dislike Totodile and Oshawott
  2. Pikachu52

    Pikachu52 Well-Known Member

    It makes perfect sense. Just because they evolve from friendship doesn't mean the instant your friends that the Pokémon evolves. I imagine there still has to be some reason to make the Pokémon decide that that is the right time to evolve. For Cameron's Lucario it was the fact that if he hadn't they would have lost the battle and so Lucario evolved so he could come through for Cameron. Yes it was a plot device but I think it was fairly obvious Riolu was going to evolve at some point during Cameron's time in the anime because of the level of friendship they were shown to have. I imagine an Ash Cameron rematch would be similar to the match he had with Korrina and mega lucario. Lucario and Pikachu both have a strong move set so it could be quite interesting. Pikachu vs Mega Lucario at the Shalour Gym was good despite being brief so it would be an expansion of that.

    In those cases the evolution added to the plot. When Charizard evolved he stopped obeying Ash for nearly an entire series and cost Ash a place in the top 8 of the indigo league because of it. Chimcharr evolved to Monferno to get even with Paul. Grovyle evolved to Sceptile to win the love of Meganium and was depressed afterwards. Their personalities and character development were intrinsically linked to their evolution. In some ways these evolutions weren't good at all. Charizard went from sweet little Charmander to being selfish arrogant and a good deal of the series. It spend more time on screen disobeying Ash than it did obeying him and was one of his most hated Pokémon by the fandom in the original series.

    Oshawott was competent. He was shown to be a competent and skilled battler even if he was Ash's wildcard. He managed to defeat Pansage in the first gym battle. He defeated Stephan's Britlze the first time they battled. He even took out Clay's Krokorok. Using the Schalchop to protect himself from moves that would otherwise cause him to faint is on the best strategies in the anime. Most of Oshawott's appeal comes from the fact that he's energetic, carefree and does a lot of quirky things like popping out of his Pokéball when he's not meant to and falling in love with every female he sees and some males.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  3. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ There's no tina

    I'd like to see another match between Ash and Dawn in a contest styled battle.
  4. Creyk

    Creyk Well-Known Member

    Amazing idea
    Contest battles are always lovely to look at
    Plus with their amazing bond, whoever won would be okay
  5. Pikachu52

    Pikachu52 Well-Known Member

    It should be Piplup vs Oshawott with Meloetta as the judge.

    STICKTOPIA Well-Known Member

    Definitely Cameron. That battle was a complete joke. It was a well have been a 5 on 5 battle because Unfezant was a complete fail in that battle. I want to see him also rematch Tobias and use other pokemon like Charizard and Infernape.
  7. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ There's no tina

    I'd also say a full battle with Trip, I feel like they need one.
    Against Cameron also, I really felt like that battle was horribly written and Cameron got so much DEM with his Lucario in that match. I honestly don't see why it took until XY for Ash to actually beat a Lucario when he should have done it against Cameron's at the Unova League.
  8. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    Forget about Cameron. What about the umpteenth Eevee Master Virgil?

    ...Oh wait. Rematch. Never mind.
  9. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    I think having Ash's badass crocodile and wrestler pig go down to a bunch of cats would jarring to say the least.

    I just kinda want Cameron to fight a bag of chips wielding six pokeballs, that seems like a pretty fair matchup tbh.
  10. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ There's no tina

    The bag of chips should win unless we get more DEM from Cameron's Lucario again
    Speaking of Virgil, I would have liked to see him battle Ash with all of his eevees in a full battle.
  11. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    I guess this counts as a rematch since they technically have battled before even if it wasn't an official battle, but I'd love to see Ash vs. Giovanni. I really don't like how they never got an official battle. He would've made for a great final boss in Kanto before the League rather than Ash having to battle TRio. Stronger Pokémon or not, TRio aren't great trainers, so it felt cheap that Ash's big final battle was against them.

    Others I'd like to see him battle again are: Trip (I'd love to see a full 6 vs. 6), any of the opponents he's lost to in the League (I'd love to see him beat them even though it's unlikely he'll ever beat Tobias), and I'd love to see a PWT arc where he gets to complete battles with Gym Leaders he hasn't faced or beaten before like Drayden, Marlon, Erika, and Cheren.

    STICKTOPIA Well-Known Member

    I would love to see Ash battle with Paul as long as his Torterra is in the battle. I also want to see a full 6 on 6 battle with him and Trip.
  13. Pikachu52

    Pikachu52 Well-Known Member

    Ash beat Maylene's Lucario with Buizel (it was a tie but he still won the badge). The reason Pikachu lost against Cameron was because Pikachu was already fatigued from three previous battles whereas Pikachu was being used for the first time in the battle with Korrina. It's a disappointment but Ash was never going to win the league. Ash did have a 5 on 5 with Trip in the first season though he only had 5 Pokémon at that point.

    A bag of chips isn't a trainer. It's not even alive so I don't see how that is possible. Moreover your just giving Cameron a lot of hate. There's really no need for that because I don't there was anything wrong with Cameron. He was a good rival let down by bad writing. His introduction to the series was far too rushed. We didn't get to see him battle a lot before entering the league other than against Marlon and he didn't spend a lot of time discussing his back story with Ash. His relationship with Riolu probably didn't get enough time either. This detracted a lot from Cameron as a character and made it look bad when he beat Ash even though its a reasonable outcome.

    Cameron wasn't that different to Ash's other rivals who beat him such as Harrison or Tyson. The main difference was that those characters were portrayed as more mature and the battles were very very close whereas Cameron won by a mile.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
  14. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    Nah, the difference is that AG Ash and the Hoenn boys were superior to BW Ash and his squad of NFEs. AG Ash would have beaten Cameron 6-4.
  15. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    Probably by more. Sceptile has half of Cameron's team-checkmated. Pikachu takes out Hydergion and Ferrothorn. Lucario takes him out only to be finished by one of Corphish, Swellow, Glalie or Torkoal
    I'd say 6-3 at best.
  16. Pikachu52

    Pikachu52 Well-Known Member

    If say not. Sceptile wasn't a sceptile in Hoenn he evolved during battle frontier. Samurott could probably take out Torkoal and possibly one other. Sceple would have difficulty keeping up with hydriegon and would loose to swanna give type disadvantage. Lucario would not loose to an ice type due to type advance. Ferreothorn has thunderbolt so swellow would have problems. I'm don't think Pikachu could beat hydriegon it's too big and dragons resist electric type moves.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
  17. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    1. Glalie draw Hydreigon.
    2. Swellow defeat Swanna + Samurott. Swellow loses to Ferrothorn
    3. Corphish defeat/draw Ferrothorn.
    4. Torkoal defeat/draw Watchog
    5. Grovyle fights and loses to Lucario, and Pikachu finishes the job.

    That is literally the best chance for Cameron, and I'm giving some of his Pokemon strong benefit of the doubt. Once you add in Sceptile and Sinnoh-level Pikachu, it would be an utter shitstomp.
  18. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    Being honest, other than the Johto team (even then they'd put up a good fight), I can't see Cameron beating any of Ash's regional teams at their best. Even in Unova had Ash swapped put Snivy and Oshawott for a tired Krookodile and Leavanny/Palpitoad, no way he loses that battle even if Cameron remembered to bring Watchog.
  19. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    Being honest here. Do any of us even know how Cameron would even fare against Ash if he was in his Tobias-Killing team setup + Infernape? I'd expect his team wouldn't even dent half of Ash's team. This is the best case scenario.

    The worst case scenario is if a nasty DEM moment like his main mon Mega Evolving when recalling it swallowed a Lucarionite piece and his trainer got a Mega Stone stuck within his stretchable headband, then they proceed to kill Ash's last five Pokemon with a single move. Oh hey, let's throw Close Combat all of a sudden and spam it to hell!

    Either scenario would look bad, really. If anything, Cameron was meant to be a Stephan.

    OKAY ENOUGH ABOUT HIM. My eyes will change eye color somehow.

    Though Giovanni's memory of Ash became forgotten in that Mewtwo special, I want him to have a rematch with Ash. Let's settle the father/son theories for good!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
  20. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    The team that faced Tobias would easily win the battle. I'd say 6-3 maybe 6-4 if the writers were being salty. Add in a fit Infernape and minus Torkoal then 6-4 possibility is gone and a chance for 6-2 legitimately exists.. PCISS + Strong 6th Pokemon doesn't sweep but it utterly wrecks (6-1 or 6-2)
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015

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