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Which Red do you prefer: The fandom version or canon design?


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Anyone who has seen any fanart of Red should know what I mean.

Everyone draws him as vaguely resembling his first design. Emphasis on "vaguely". They may put his remake clothing on him, but he still looks nothing like Red.

Red's hair has always been fringed. It's always been messy; both pre-timeskip and post. His design is also very different in canon, as is his personality from the fanon version.

I don't get why people draw him like that. Is it supposed to be hot? His remake design is bishie, and looks better.


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yeah, i guess they wnat to make him 'hot' because the official art is more childish. But to be honest i think in the fanart hes drawn cooler and older, ignoring the fact that he is not very straight in it obviously wanting sex with the one who's viewing it.
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I prefer the canon version because, well, it's canon. The last two pics for the canon version reminds me of the art style of DBZ.

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Fandom for me. I just like it more than the canon art. :D

BTW, the first fandom Red art you posted; the art style makes him look a little like Lelouch from Code Geass. It's probably just me, though.


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I prefer characters as Sugimori draws them, and after him, the other official media illustrators related to the Pokemon Company.

I dislike the fandom's designs on Red, though I acknowledge the talent and skill they possess to draw him like that, because it's a corruption of what Red is supposed to be. I'm a little miffed that fangirls turn our Pokemon hero into their "bishie" and make him a sex symbol, these girls who want to squee and fangasm and make Red's focus in life not Pokemon but having romantic sex with every other male character in the franchise. >_o


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Unfortunately the images for Fandom Red say the bandwidth has been exceeded, does anyone have an example hosted elsewhere?