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Which Reserve Pokemon Would You Like To See Return?


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It's not about liking or preference here, that's obviously subjective for everyone. What I'm arguing about is which Pokemon deserve to return more, and that's something arguable/debatable, and that's also a part of the subject of this thread. Totodile, Gible, Oshawott and Scraggy, either weren't used to their full potential/failed to reach their full potential in own saga, so they arguably deserve more development/battles to unlock their full potential. So it can be argued that these 4 Pokémon deserve more to return than the Pokemon you picked, and that's what all I did.

Arguing upon a certain thing is a part of discussion, and isn't that is what these threads are all about? :)
I don't care about which pokemon deserves to return more nor do I care about debating the matter.I only came on here to share my opinion,I did not leave a comment on the thread with any intentions of starting a debate.

I had no idea the title of the thread was "Which Reserves Deserve More Of A Return" instead of "Which Reserves Would YOU Like To See Return."

Ladies and Gentlemen if you want such and such to make a return over the others then you will be flamed and get begged to debate despite the fact that it's subjective which means there's no right or wrong answer.
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Bayleef, Totodile, Glalie, Torkoal, Snorlax, Corphish

Heck, just give me any Ash pokemon that hasn't been seen outside a regional finale in years, and I'll be happy.


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Somebody in the middle or first stage, a Pokemon that can evolve and who could use some good spotlight like Quilava did back in Sinnoh.
Favoring a Water starter like Totodile or Oshawott though, as Ash really needs more evolved Water starters.

Nobody like Charizard or Sceptile, who'd be forced to get nerfed unless it's another BF scenario or end up outshining Ash's current regional team.
Noivern would be another good choice as he needs some wins desperately, along with a chance to prove himself FAR more than Torterra.


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Ash used 8 of his reserves in Sinnoh League (Heracross got 2 matches so technically that counts 9), so I'll list 9 reserves I'd like to see Ash use in a battle. I want to see all of Ash's reserves again, but assuming Ash uses reserves during the league, or in other battles, this is my top 9...

Charizard: Yes it has plenty of battles but it wasn't used much in BW and it's last big win is against Articuno, so I really want to see it again. I would love for it to get a Mega Stone and get 1 really big win, like another win against a Legendary. I want Charizard to get 1 really good battle and a great win, and I want him to regain the throne as Ash's strongest Pokemon (yes, even though I'm a big fan of Ash's Charizard, I admit that for now, based on feats, Ash-Greninja is stronger than Base Charizard and Peakachu is also).

Heracross: It has always been portrayed as a strong Pokemon, but it lacks feats. Yes, it has a few good feats, but I would love to see it take down a Mega Pokemon or something like that.

Bulbasaur: my favourite Pokemon after Charizard, and we haven't seen it in battle for over 10 years.

Kingler: Hasn't got any love for many years. At least Muk gets to show his hugs for Professor Oak.

Totodile: Totodile needs a good battle. I wouldn't mind to see it evolve but I also wouldn't mind to see it staying as a Totodile.

Glalie: It was portrayed as a strong Pokemon but it hasn't been used since the Hoenn League.

Snivy: one of my favourite Unova Pokemon and it could use a nice battle.

Gible: it has plenty of potential and it's a cute and fun Pokemon.

Squirtle: I want it to get a good battle and reappear again, to show us that it can still make comebacks every now and then.

I know there are Pokemon who need battle time more than many of these Pokemon in the list but keep in mind these are my personal wishes and I also tried to list some who really need battles. It's really hard to choose top 9 because I love almost all of of Ash's Pokemon.


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Scraggy. Scraggy deserves to evolve, instead they left him as a baby through the entirety of BW


I'd go with Fushigidane. I know that we saw him at the end of Best Wishes, but I've always had a soft spot for him, and I've been missing him terribly.


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I'd go with Fushigidane. I know that we saw him at the end of Best Wishes, but I've always had a soft spot for him, and I've been missing him terribly.
More recently in the mini "return to Kanto" arc.


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I'd love some of the smaller guys to come, like gible, scraggy, bulbasaur, corphish, or squirtle, maybe torkoal or glalie would be good to have.


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None, since all of them (Especially the popular ones) will overshadow the regional team.