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Which rival did you like better in the anime than in the games?


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Of all the rivals adapted from the games into the anime (I.e. Gary, Bianca etc.), which one(s) did you like better than their respective game versions?

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Shauna, she's miles better than her game counterpart imo. Plus she had a better personality in the anime.


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Gen 1: Gary
Gen 2: No Game rival
Gen 3: No game rival
Gen 4: Barry
Gen 5: Bianca
Gen 6: Shauna, Tierno (Don't count Trevor, since he rarely showed up).

Lol... by the looks of it we only have five rivals that appeared both in the anime as in the games.

So yeah... Shauna for me as well (Barry was kinda annoying).


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You already forgotten Gladion for Gen 7 (while Hau is yet to show up). So that's already the total of six as of now

Am I the only one who like Gary?
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Probably Barry. He seemed less annoying because he wasn't around as much. Plus I never thought of him as a rival in the games. But for Ash, maybe.

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Barry mainly because he seemed a bit more serious in the anime than the games when it came to battling.

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Barry because his game counterpart is far too annoying and in the anime he's somewhat of a likeable character.


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For me it’s hands down Tierno. He goes from a nobody in the games to a fairly competent trainer in XY who pretty much had a rain team in the Kalos League and unlike a certain someone (cough* Barry cough*) wasn’t having major bouts of stupidity during his battles (the worst was his initial panic when dealing with Attract though that’s not nearly as egregious as some of the stuff Barry did).