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Which set can be considered as the Unova themed one during the Sun and Moon era?


Banned from Club Penguin
It always bothered me that Unova/Gen 5 didn’t have a set which focused on that region/Gen. All the other gens got represented like this:

Ultra Prism - Gen 4

Forbidden Light - Gen 6

Celestial Storm - Gen 3

Lost Thunder - Gen 2

Team Up - Gen 1

So do you think there was a set that Unova themed but not as obvious? Or was the love for Unova just sprinkled around the Sun and Moon sets? Or was Unova just straight up forgotten? And what was the reasoning behind it being forgotten/sprinkled around?


The Purple Karakasa
I think "Cosmic Eclipse" might be the one for Unova thanks to 3 cards with Reshiram and Zekrom along with N. N also has 2 Trainer Cards in this set, for a total of 5. Definitively Unova for me.



Banned from Club Penguin
So strange that it took so many expansions after Team Up to finally given Gen 5 love while the other gens were all consecutive from each other.