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Which starter are you getting for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Starter for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

  • Mudkip

    Votes: 77 35.8%
  • Torchic

    Votes: 32 14.9%
  • Treecko

    Votes: 84 39.1%
  • Haven't decided yet

    Votes: 22 10.2%

  • Total voters


Seasons, they turn..
I'm going with Treeko, strangely. Mudkip is a my favorite 3rd gen starter, before a meme was made out of him. But, I've trained a Mudkip on my SS and Emerald team, so it is time to choose someone new. Torchic has never appealed to me, despite it's bird-like appearance. I just don't really like Blaziken.

So, I have decided to go with Treeko! Plus, Treeko is in Conquest, so it's a double bonus for me :)

Mr. Ribbles

Cubchoo Lover
I wasn't aware that the starters had leaked this early

While I get you're trying to be somewhat humorous, at least contribute to the topic at hand.

Treeko. Naming it Oras after, of course, OR/AS, or Or/as minus the /.
At this point in time, I'm considering trading one of my event Blazikenite Torchics to whichever version of the remakes I get first, so I can possibly end up with both a Blaziken and maybe Swampert on my team in he end.


The name's Riley
I've decided that I'm going to pick Treecko. I don't normally pick grass starters as I dislike most of them, however, I actually like all of gen III's starters equally. Since I picked Chespin in X, I figured I'd go with Treecko.
I'm going Torchic. That was who I picked when I played Ruby the first time, so I'll do it for nostalgic reasons. It also balances my planned team pretty well.

Murder Doll

Button Presser
Gonna go with Treecko, I just like his line aesthetically + there aren't any good grass types available early on in most games.


Swampert Trainer
Mudkip, no question about it. Swampert's my current avatar for a reason: Swampert is my favourite Pokemon.


So long
Definitely going with Mudkip in OR since I started with Mudkip in the original Ruby. Not sure who I should pick in AS though, I like both Treecko and Torchic. The Hoenn starters are my second favorite set of starters overall and I really like all three so I'm not sure.
This particular generation (generation III) probably posed the biggest starter debate to me over which was my favorite. It was the first generation where i didn't have strong feelings for, nor wanted to choose the fire starter. It was also the first generation where i held my two primary choices on equal ground. Though Mudkip is probably my favorite now, with Treecko in an extremely close 2nd, i always felt that Sceptile was my favorite final evo of this generation. Regardless, i'm getting both versions, as i've stated in other threads across these forums, with Omega Ruby as my "hub" of sorts for generation VI. I'm most likely going to take Mudkip in Omega Ruby as it gives me an advantage over team magma, and will also probably make my journey relatively quick. As for Alpha Sapphire, i plan on taking Treecko, primarily on the basis that it's a great pokemon to combat Team Aqua (definitely had the hardest time in the league with Treecko, but this was most likely because i was 12/only leveled him primarily).


Well-Known Member
I'll get mudkip for sure, cause...You know... I herd u liek mudkipz.
To be serious for a moment, I took Blaziken more often and used him/her more often in general to the point that I got a bit tired of Blaziken. Swampert on the other side... And I never really liked the third form of treecko, even though I liked the second form a lot.

..or I'll just use both Blaziken and Swampert, lol xD! Although, if they'll give Sceptile a great-looking mega evolution, I might end up getting treecko.


All of the Hoenn starters are awesome and totally rad imo, but I'll probably pick Torchic 8)


Everything stays.
Torchic, because it's my favorite out of the three and because it's the one I used in my Sapphire version. :p
Not to mention that Blaziken's moveset became so amazing after the third generation, so I can't wait to get to use its awesome moves.