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Which starter are you getting for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Starter for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

  • Mudkip

    Votes: 77 35.8%
  • Torchic

    Votes: 32 14.9%
  • Treecko

    Votes: 84 39.1%
  • Haven't decided yet

    Votes: 22 10.2%

  • Total voters


Golden Sun 4?
I'm going with Alpha Sapphire, but, as I always pick Mudkip, I am going to do something different for once and pick Treecko! He looks cool I guess, but I highly doubt he will ever better the legend that is Mudkip.

The Hiker king

Non Sequitur
Seeing as how I have a flawless shiny Sceptile and a Flawless HA Blaziken I'll go with a Mudkip.

I guess I liek Mudkipz or whatever.
Mudkip, Because I will get a female Mudkip and name it Mr. Kipz.
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Dragon Pokemon Fan
Treecko. It was the starter I first picked in my old Sapphire.


Doki Doki Sunshine!
Torchic. Even though Treecko is my favorite of the 3, I haven't picked the fire starter in a while, so I want to start choosing the fire type starter again.


Call of Fate
Mudkip,because I like the Water starters.Although the Treecko line looks better,to me.I don't like Blaziken very much,so I'm not going to pick Torchic.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I might go with Mudkip. I never played with Mudkip in my first playthroughs or Ruby and Sapphire. In my first playthrough of Ruby I picked Torchic, and in Sapphire I picked Treecko.


Well-Known Member
Torchic cuz its who I used for my 1st paly through many years ago and I still have my Blaziken from that play through and kind of want to send him into Omega Ruby as well
I'm going with Mudkip because Swampert has given me the most use out of the 3


Fairy Slayer
I'm going to reunite with my treecko that I used back when I first started Emerald.


Well-Known Member
Mudkip for Mudcat... For no particular reason. :p

Räven Velish

black lives matter
I actually don't know: I never played the originals, except for Emerald when I borrowed it from a friend when I was 5 and played it for like 3 days. Treeko is my favorite. But Torchic is pretty cool. And I'm pretty sure there is some basis on that whole "everybody lieks Mudkipz" thing. So Im neutral toward everything. Ill most likely just pick whatever when the actual game comes out.


Well-Known Member
I'm going to pick Treecko for the remakes. As for the rest my of team, still working on it.


<----Newest Shiny
Treecko most likely, I may try Mudkip depending on what changes in the game from the originals.

Kitt Geekazaru

Infernape Trainer
If they all get megas and all of the stones are instantly available like Blastioinite was, then not Torchic. Probably the one with the best looks. Which I'm guessing will be ninja sceptile. So, I vote Treecko.


My first run in any game except for BWB2W2 has always been the fire starter, stupid tepig. So I'm going with Torchic


Really and truly
Grovyle is one of my favourite Hoenn Pokemon, even though I dislike Sceptile, so I'll probably go with Treecko. I'm hoping Sceptile gets a cool Mega with some arm-wings made of leaves or something like that so as to redeem the design.