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Which starter are you getting for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Starter for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

  • Mudkip

    Votes: 77 35.8%
  • Torchic

    Votes: 32 14.9%
  • Treecko

    Votes: 84 39.1%
  • Haven't decided yet

    Votes: 22 10.2%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
I am breaking my religious "Always Choose Water" pact, because Sceptile is my favorite Grass starter (I brake for ninjas and dragons,) and his Mega is amazing.

Wait, Sceptile's a ninja? What makes you think that?


Treeko because dragon with lightningrod. Plus I have a shiny sceptile in my Y to send over


Fossil Fighters Fan!
Treeko, because I love mega sceptile. Plus I have never chosen the grass starter, I've chosen fire for Kanto, Sinnoh and Unova. And water for Johto and Kalos, but I never played in the hoenn region but I will be choosing treeko, sceptile has always been my favorite of the hoenn starters regardless of his mega evolution


Pokegyms Owner
Not Torchic. I never liked it to begin with, but I'm really torn between Mudkip and Treecko since I like both their megas. I guess if I get both games I would do Treecko in Sapphire and Mudkip in Ruby.


Master of Chaos
Treecko, I just like him more than the other two.

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
I'll most likely be taking Treecko in my OR version as it was the starter I initially picked in Ruby. I haven't decided on what to pick for AS, probably Mudkip so I can get a chance to try out Swampert's Mega.


New Member
Mudkip, I had him in my first ever pokemon game: sapphire


Comes out of Nowhere
Treecko. I chose him in emerald because I wanted May to have Torchic. Same for this game. Also I love grass types and I haven't had a grass starter since 5th gen.


pokemon master
I'm going with torchic ;255; because (1.) It's a fire type and that's my favorite type and (2.) It evolves into the powerful blaziken ;257;

Lost Lore

Diving Deep
As Treecko is my favourite of the three (and Grovyle my favourite Grass-type), my choice is obvious. Plus Mega Sceptile looks pretty sweet.


The Uncultured One
Mudkip, because I hate Treecko, and I've already got Mega Blaziken. I won't use it though, because the gen 3 starters all suck IMO.


Dragon Freak
I can't decide. :( I keep thinking I know, but then I change my mind. I seem to wander back to Treecko a lot, and he was the first Pokemon I ever had so it will probably end up being him.


Well-Known Member
I can't decide. :( I keep thinking I know, but then I change my mind. I seem to wander back to Treecko a lot, and he was the first Pokemon I ever had so it will probably end up being him.

That's actually really sweet. I think he's probably who I'll end up picking as well as I always liked him but he never really got the chance to shine from Gen IV so I wanna give him another go.


RtDL Deluxe
Mudkip. My favorite starter of this gen. It's final evolve form Swampert, has a cool mega evolution.


High Five The Sky!!!
Its either going to be Treecko or Mudkip. I always go for water types but im interested in the Grass/Dragon mega-evolution


La Melancolie Noir
In almost every generation I have one starter I would definitely pick above all the others; Hoenn is the exception. I don't really like Mudkip that much; the design for Swampert, especially, just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. When I first played Sapphire I picked Torchic; as far as first stage goes, that one's my favourite hands-down. I thought Blaziken was kind of neat, but after two more generations have passed, I grew kind of tired of the Fire/Fighting type combo. (Still, Blaziken is my favourite of the Fire/Fighting starters.) I really like Treecko, but I don't like it nearly as much as most other Grass starters (except Turtwig).

So yeah, it will be a toss-up between Torchic and Treecko. On one hand, there are a few good Grass Pokemon in Hoenn already (like Roselia and Oddish - and Seedot, but I'm getting Alpha Sapphire, and Seedot was Ruby exclusive), but not many Fire-types that I like (IIRC, the only ones available sort-of-early on are Slugma, Torkoal, and Numel; Vulpix wasn't available until Mt. Pyre). On the other hand, I already have experience with Mega Blaziken thanks to its giveaway when X/Y came out, whereas Mega Sceptile/Swampert are completely new, and I'd rather have Medicham as my token Fighting-type. Right now I'm leaning a bit more towards Treecko, but who knows...