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Which Starter Will You Pick? (and Why?)

Which Start Wil You Choose?

  • Snivy

    Votes: 656 36.0%
  • Tepig

    Votes: 414 22.7%
  • Oshawott

    Votes: 753 41.3%

  • Total voters
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mine was Oshowatt. I tend to always lean toward the water type starter because it is one of my favorite types, and otters are one of my favorite animals.


Pride & Power
I chose Snivy, as is my tradition to always choose the Grass Starter, regardless of how they look. That is all thanks to my original Bulbasaur and Chikorita being such kick-*** Pokemon on my team back in the day. That and I think the Grass Starters just seem to always look cooler than the other two.
I choose Tepig because i think tepig looks cool and he makes some of the gyms alot easier. I'm also a powerleveler when it comes to pokemon so i pick the one that i will be better off with. besides,i traded a shroomish and got a snivy.
I picked Oshawott just because I didn't like Tepig and Snivy didn't really appeal to me but they have grown on me.
I only own the Black version right now and I chose Oshawatt. I had named my character Cedric after Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. I was re-reading it at the time so the name just stuck out(I tend to like using the male character despite being a girl especially if such as this case and in the case of Hoenn, I find the girl ugly). I felt that Oshawatt was closest to the Hufflepuff badger being an otter Pokemon.

When I get white I am choosing Snivy, I love it as well.

Tepig's evolutions are ugly, and the fire/fighting starter combo is becoming overused with it's third generation in a row.

Calamity Lynn

Lady Breeds-a-Lot
I always choose Tepig because I don't like any of the starters and my ocd likes Cheren, in blue, getting Oshawott, and Bianca, in green, getting Snivy.

Is that a bizarre reason to choose a starter? Yes.

Focus Aipom

Why so serious?
Oshawott. I personally like the designs of the otter Pokemon and its evolutions, and I am also a fan of the water type starters in most Pokemon games. So is is a double win for me. :)


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I chose Tepig. I always find using fire starters the easiest to begin with!


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I chose Snivy because of the comics with White and N. P: Lol. Thought Servine looked cool. But if I started over I might choose Oshawott... maybe. Either way I have all three starters. Lul.


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Either Oshawott or Tepig, because those two are my favorite types, and I like their evolutions.

Squiddly Dee

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I picked Oshawott during my first run-through of the game, Tepig during my second, and I'll be picking Snivy in my last.

Kurloz Makara

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I chose Snivy for my first runthrough of Black, then I restarted and chose Oshawott. :D

Now I have White, and I started with a Snivy again. ^_^

Maybe I'll choose Tepig when the third game comes out.


I chose Oshawott.Even if Snivy is my fav, but Oshawott is close second and is better ingame.But I already played with Snivy so.And I don't like Tepig's final evolution and I like to fully evolve my pokémon.
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