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Which starters did you pick?

Which starters did you pick in each generation?

Generation I - Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
Generation II - Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile
Generation III - Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip
Generation IV - Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup
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Charmander (FRLG), Cyndaquil (GSC), Totodile (HGSS), Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip (RSE), Chimchar (DPt) and now, Mijumaru (BW).


Back in the USSR
Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic and Piplup. I've played with the others too, but those are my primary ones.

5th gen it'll probably be Tsutarja, but I'd like to see their evos before deciding.


From Zero To Hero
Charmander, Totodile, Mudkip, Turtwig, and the Grass one.


Gen 1 - Charmander
Gen 2 - Totodile
Gen 3 - Treecko
Gen 4 - Chimchar
Gen 5 - Smugleaf

.:Flaming Fury:.

Black White Yin Yang
Gen 1- Squirtle
Gen 2- Cyndaquil
Gen 3- Torchic
Gen 4- Turtwig
Gen 5- Tsutarja


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Gen 1 - Charmander
Gen 2 - Totodile
Gen 3 - Treecko
Gen 4 - Chimchar
Gen 5 - Smugleaf

What's a smugleaf...
1 Charmander
2 Totadile
3 Sceptile
4 Chimchar
5 probably pokabu but maybe tsutarja (sp?)

.:Flaming Fury:.

Black White Yin Yang
What's a smugleaf...
1 Charmander
2 Totadile
3 Sceptile
4 Chimchar
5 probably pokabu but maybe tsatju (sp?)

Smugleaf's the fan name for Tsutarja XP


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Gen 1 - Charmander, though Pikachu if it could count
Gen 2 - Chickorita originally then restarted game and got Cyndaquil
Gen 3 - Torchic then did Mudkip on Ruby
Gen 4 - I actually got Piplup despite being a fire lover
Gen 5 - Grass one

shiny bagon

<- OH **** YEA!!!!!
1 Bulbasaur
2 Cyndaquil
3 Mudkip (who doesn't liek Mudkipz)
4 Turtwig
5 Mijumaru

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Generation 1
Red - Squirtle

Generation 2
Silver - Totodile
Crystal - Cyndaquil

Generation 3
Ruby - Mudkip
Emerald - Treecko

Generation 4
Diamond & Platinum - Piplup
Soul Silver - Chikorita

Generation 5
Black - Mijumaru XD


Man of Mystery
Gen 1 - Squirtle
Gen 2 - Totodile
Gen 3 - Mudkip
Gen 4 - Piplup
Gen 5 - Mijumaru

It's tradition.

Shadow XD001

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Generation 1: Charmander
Generation 2: Cyndaquil
Generation 3: Torchic
Generartion 4: Chimchar (and Cyndaquil for HeartGold)
Generation 5: Pokabu (coming soon, of course)


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Gen 1: Charmander

Gen 2: Chikorita

Gen 3: Treecko or Torchic, i don´t really remember which one was first

Gen 4: Turtwig

Gen 5: Tsutarja, i don´t really like the other two

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
Gen 1:
- Bulbasaur in Blue
- Charmander in Red
- The only choice in Yellow ... Pikachu.

Gen 2:
- Chikorita in Gold
- Cyndaquil in Silver
- Totodile in Crystal

Gen 3:
- Treecko in Ruby
- Mudkip in Sapphire
- Charmaner in Fire Red
- Squirtle in Leaf Green
- Torchic in Emerald

Gen 4:
- Chimchar in Diamond
- Piplup in Pearl
- Turtwig in Platinum
- Cyndquil in Heart Gold
- Totodile in Soul Silver

Gen 3 Replay:
- Treecko in Emerald

Once I'm done with my replay in Emerald, I'm going to play Leaf Green again, and use Squirtle as my starter again. <3 Squirtle.
And as for me:

Generation I:

Yellow - Pikachu, of course.

Generation II:

Silver - Cyndaquil
Crystal - Chikorita

Generation III:
Sapphire - Treecko (Mudkip in my current replay)
Emerald - Torchic
LeafGreen - Squirtle

Generation IV:

Pearl - Turtwig (Piplup in my current replay)
SoulSilver - Chikorita on the first runthrough, Totodile on the second
HeartGold - Chikorita (I love Chikorita. <3)

Generation V:

Haven't decided yet. I don't usually choose the Fire starter, so I may end up picking Pokabu to try something different. But the other two are cool too, so it's hard to decide.


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Generation IV:

Platinum: Turtwig (Piplup in my restarted one)
HeartGold: Cyndaquil

Generation III:

FireRed: Charmander (Would've been Bulby, but my friend gave his to me)