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Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

Which Combination of Starters Will You Choose?

  • Chikorita

    Votes: 536 23.1%
  • Cyndaquil

    Votes: 1,108 47.8%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 843 36.4%
  • Mudkip

    Votes: 855 36.9%
  • Treecko

    Votes: 924 39.9%
  • Torchic

    Votes: 615 26.5%
  • Charmander

    Votes: 1,086 46.9%
  • Squirtle

    Votes: 722 31.2%
  • Bulbasaur

    Votes: 650 28.1%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
I did Totodile, Charmander, Torchic


Well-Known Member
I went with Cyndaquil at the start of the game, I need a grass type eventually, so I will go Bulbasaur and then mudkip, but I probably won't use mudkip because my Poliwrath just owns everyone.

Summer of the Vulpix

Go with the Flow
I chose the fire starters ;) and thanks to wifi trade got the other starters as well.


MultiRegion Champion
I did quite a few, because I like most of them;

cyndaquil, charmander, treecko, squirtle, bulbasaur and Totodile


Vae Victis
I would go with Charmander, Torchic, and Cyndaquil. I loves da fire types.


Well-Known Member
Totodile and Bulbasaur, then treecko since I already had a mudkip.


Well-Known Member
Retrospectively, my choices are Totodile, Charmander and Treecko. However, I might change my mind. The Kanto starter will be a tough decision, as I like them all equally now (obviously Charmander used to be my favourite xD).

I still haven't decided on a Kanto starter yet due to this same reason... haha. I dunno I guess it would be between Charmander and Squirtle. I tended to overuse the Bulbasaur line in the first generation.
I would pick Charmander,Tyranitar,and mudkip ! I love all of these pokemon and would love to have them as my starters ! Plus they're all cute pokemon !


Johto Boy
Meganium, Then my favorite of all time Charmander (Charizard rapes), then Mudkip

Mr. pokedude

Shadow the Ghost-Hog
This time I think i'll go with Cyndaquil, Charmander and Mudkip. AWWWW YEA.


This must have been why my post was deleted....

I will be picking Cyndaquil, Charmander and Mudkip...

...and no its not because i "leik teh mudkipz" or whatever you call it.

OMG that's so weird cos that's wat I think too. Mudki is he best. Not cos it's cute, but cos its my partner on time and all of the Pokemon that I have been or are my partner on a mystery dungeon game always end up in my top ten favourites-here's a smiley that is joint fave Pokemon with its dad that just happens to be opposite- ;390;


Shade in Shades
hey norns u forgot the "p" at the end of mudkip!
i'd choose
ummmmmm, mudkip or treeko, i hate fire types
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