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Which things you wish the anime hadn't change from the pokemon games?


gen 9 lover
DP=Ash not becoming a champion and writing him off.

I hope I won't answer to this thread again after PM2023 regarding the SV games.

No seriously, don't make me doing it.


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I also think Ash should've actually traveled through alola, i've seen some argue (elsewhere) that what happened was fine because the region was "too small" but I don't buy that, they could've easily just thrown in another filler arc if they needed to also if time was a factor.
Anime exclusive locations are exactly why filler episodes became so annoyingly repetitive over more than 20 years.


OS: A proper Team Rocket arc during Kanto and Johto
AG: A proper Weather trio conclusion with Emerald's plot
BW: The original Team Plasma plot
XY: AZ's backstory
SM: Team Skull having more screentime and importance
JN: More Galar representation


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Not thinking twice!
OS: tbh anything that could've made mid-johto interestingly
AG: Wally, sure he wasn't that memorable back in gen 3,but still this could've helped
DP: A more emotionless Cyrus, also the distorsion world (I know it technically was in M11, but it's not the same)
XY: AZ and the XY duo
SM: vanilla SM Lusamine
JN: Literally like 90% of SwSh, or anything from LA


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How the anime handles dodging. Don't get me wrong it makes sense for Pokemon to dodge attacks and it's implied to happen in the games too which is how attacks can miss their targets but in the anime there's a lot of inconsistency with Pokemon being able to dodge certain attacks but not others. Mostly because their trainers don't give the command when it matters most.