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Which Urshifu did you choose?

Which form did you choose?

  • Single Strike Style

    Votes: 22 42.3%
  • Rapid Strike Style

    Votes: 30 57.7%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Single Strike Style Urshifu because to me it looks like the best out of the two kinds and its Gigantamax forme looks really cool too. :D


Well-Known Member
I love water types. Rapid Strike is both powerful and unique with it’s typing. I picked Rapid Strike before looking at stats online, it was worth it. My favorite part is how it crushes through Sturdy/Focus Sash and inflicts damage through protect. Toxapex is the biggest threat I think. Rapid Strike gets Elemental Punches as well. Fire/Thunder Punch on a Water type is pretty awesome.
Yep, I always wanted to see a Water Pokemon besides Ludicolo that could learn the elemental punches. A water Pokemon that can learn the elemental fangs would be cool to see, too.


I've always preferred the Single Strike form of Wulaosu (Urshifu) just based on its pose in its official artwork. I also like that both its type combination and design make it look a lot like Goronda (Pangoro).

Bill the Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
I haven't got this far in the story yet, but I'm going to choose Single Strike because it looks a lot cooler to me, and also because Challenge Road is my favourite location on the island. The idea of a tower nestled away high up in the cliffs is just right up my street.


New Member
This form of Urshifu unleashes his power with a flurry of attacks, imitating the smooth flow of water on each hit, to crush his opponents.


Dragon Pokemon Fan
I picked Rapid strike because of the typing and I love its gmax form more also its cry.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
Rapid Strike. I liked the typing and design better.