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While you sleep. Advanceshipping, Pg-13

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MayisCool, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. MayisCool

    MayisCool Cascade Trainer

    This is an Advanceshipping one-shot. It is Pg-13.

    While you sleep:

    There is a beauty to watching the woman you love sleep. One of not just love, but something that the Gods would admire. Lying there, her head resting softly of the pillow. Her breast moving the sheets with each breath, you get lost in the love.

    May and I have been together for almost two years. Each morning I love to wake up early for training to just watch her sleep. Lying there, so innocent and beautiful. No one could imagine the passion she holds inside. She is totally committed.

    Watching silently, I wonder what she dreams are dancing in her head. Hoping, in my egotistical mind that she dreams of me. Sorting through my own thoughts of the night, I smile as my dreams of her come to mind. Dreams of my perfect love for May. I just wish I could be as perfect as she thinks I am.

    Sitting in the bed, I move the warm covers over her body. To me, May is perfect. I just wonder what she see's in me. I run my hand through my hair and pray she never leaves.

    But while May sleeps, I love to sit here, watching her. The moon, in it's early morning phase, shines through the window over her frame. The thin white drapes focusing the beams onto May's sleeping body. With each breath, the cotton linen moves. With each breath, my dreams scream to be released.

    But I sit. I watch. I dream.

    My dreams to make May happy have been a struggle. The old pickup truck outside is not the family car we had wanted. The house is warm and comfortable. But it's not the mansion we had hoped for many years ago. It's funny how dreams and reality differ. But my love for May has never altered.

    Moving from under the sheets, I stand beside the bed and watch May. Like an angel she sleeps. The sound of her breathing reaching into my soul. Reluctantly turning away, I move to the sink for a shave.

    Staring into the mirror, I look into my eyes. Where did I go wrong? When did the mansion leave us?

    Sighing, I smooth the cream onto my face. Taking the razor, I begin to scrape the stubble from my face. The thoughts flow through my mind. Like each morning before, I wonder why May stays around.

    Rinsing my face in the warm water, I grab the towel and dry my face. Standing and turning, I move into the hallway. The girls sleep in the next room.

    Standing in their door, I watch my two young daughters sleeping. From May's first marriage, they love me more than they do their own Father. Why? What had happen between May and Drew that made her leave him? She has never told me that, I am just happy that she came to me when she needed help with that trouble times she was going throw.

    Their swing set has not materialized. We're still living in an apartment. They're getting too big for the bikes they now ride. New ones are needed, we just can't afford them. But each day I come home from training they run to the truck and give me a hug. They love me as much as their Mom.

    Drying quickly, I slip on my jeans as I prepare for another day of battling. The sun will be beating down on me and my pokemon all day. With some luck it'll rain this afternoon. That will allow me come home sooner.

    Back home. With May and the girls. May and I will cuddle on the sofa again like last night. Watching the girls play and laughing as they dress their dolls . And has they try to dress Pikachu and Skitty. That is what life means to me now. That is my reality.

    Walking over to May as she sleeps, I bend down and kiss her softly. Moving under the sheets, may whispers up to my lips.

    "I love you Ash."

    Running my hand through May's hair, I smile at her fluttering eyes.

    "I love you May. I love you the mostest."

    Slipping out of the bedroom, I silently close the door. Staring into the girls room, I watch the two small angels hugging their pillows. Do they know I love them as much as they love me? Is that why they stay?

    Turning, I move towards the door knowing my wife and children are safe. Tomorrow, I have to train. Weather permitting. I know I'll wake early and sit in the bed watching May sleep again. But for me, that is love. As for when I get home? I'll spend time with May helping her fix dinner. Then the girls and I will entertain ourselves after we've all cleaned the kitchen. I've gotten pretty good at dressing Barbie dolls and having tea parties. Pikachu has gotten good at hiding from the girls when they bring out the small doll dresses. May just giggles as the girls and I play. The light in her eyes sparkling.

    Backing out of the complex, I look up at our apartment. I don't need the mansion or fancy car, May and my two daughters, has will Pikachu and my other pokemon is all I want in my life. With a smile, I know deep inside that I am all she wants. Looking over at my lunch, I laugh at the hearts and arrows the girls had drawn on my bag. If anyone says anything about it when I am training, they'll just see me smile. They know how I love those girls. Just as long as they never hear about the tea parties. It's going to be a good day.

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2006
  2. Mythicall

    Mythicall Beginning Shipper

    Cool story, compliments on how you can describe their life. Very good.

    But... ,I m not english so I could be wrong, is mostest really an english word?
  3. lilrumpkinkb

    lilrumpkinkb Well-Known Member

    I'm not much of an Advanceshipper, (check my sig) but I must admit that this piece is beautifully written. it shows the love a man can have for his family and kids. (Even if it's through a fanon pokemon shipping...)

    no...it isn't a word >.<

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