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Whiscash and Ash (351)


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Whiscash and Ash

While relaxing near a lake, Ash is shocked when a Giant Whiscash eats his badge case. Determined to get it back, he asks for help from the local Fishing Master. Will he be able to get his badges back?

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is it me or do ashs badges always get stolen! but this is the masterballs debut because the fishing master throws it at wishcash but wishcash eats it. ;340; ;340; i think someone should catch wishcash someone like brock. and some more dub title ideas are

-whiscash you were here- (wish you were here)
-whiscash upon a star- (wish apon a star)
-whats your whiscash?- (whats your wish?)
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King Shuckle

Don't be daft
Nah, I got some of my own Dubbies
~Whiscash in Your Chips! (Cash In Your Chips)
~Cold Hard Whiscash (Cold Hard Cash)
~Take It or Leave It! (Phrase)


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I've just seen this ep and... I guess I'll never forget its hilarity. The fishing master was very funny, and there were many priceless expressions of all the other characters included too.
I think my favorite scene was when something bit into the fishing master's lure, the background music changed, signalizing danger, and I already thought it was the giant Whiscash and then.. it was just a Magikarp^^
Ash's idea with Corphish hitting him with crabhammer was pretty smart.
And Team Rocket was also really good this time. Their motto performance was hilarious xD
I really liked this episode!

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
I'm watching this dub episode as I type this, and so far, the badge case still has the red rectangle on it. Also, the master fisherman guy calls himself a "god" in this episode, which was unexpected. I really like this episode, though. Well, I'd better continue watching this.
This episode was great!
Sullivan was awesome, both character(egocentric guy, that's not very common in the animé, at least as far as I know) and voice. I love how Max just kept putting him in hsi place XD. The facial expressions in this episode were great. And, "Nero." Didn't see that coming. I'm surprised he named him.
TR is stupid. they caught the rarest Pokémon in Hoenn three times, and they just throw it away.
Feebas was pronounced oddly. I always said, "Feeb-us." But the animé pronounces it "Fee-bass." Weird.
Hannah was freaky. Its eyes glowed red when it used Dynamicpunch o.o. It looked pretty evil whenever it used the other attacks, too.

Overall rating:
9.8 out of 10!!!!!
This was an excellent filler. Great debut for Whiscash too.

SC~ out


Yeah, ok!
It only took 300+ episodes but they've finally shown the Masterball in the anime! LMAO, at Wishcash swallowing the thing instead of being captured by it, that was a great twist.

I really like the animation team for this episode, everything looked pretty good. The episode was just average overall, but it was nice seeing Feebas chomping on Jessie's hair and Flaffy finally getting decent screentime.

Ash WTF moment #1: Diving underwater and drowning.
Ash WTF moment #2: Telling Corphish to use Crabhammer on him to knock him to the other side of the lake.
Ash WTF moment #3: Ash somehow lifting the giant Wishcash in the air, when the Wishcash probably weighs like 200 pounds or something.

Decent episode, much better than the horrible Murkrrow episode from Johto.
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Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I don't know the name of the animation studio that did this episode (they also did "Poetry Commotion" and "Exploud and Clear"), but it seems like their every episode turns out to be a classic, and not just in the hysterically expressive animation either. I admit, the premise of Ash getting his badges stolen has been done before ("All That Glitters", "Why? Wynaut"), but this time, the new character Sullivan brought a new angle (no pun intended) to the issue. I was surprised that he called himself a "fishing god" - that's fair game, but Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have to be called "titans"?

For their brief screen time, Jessie and James were classic again (although I wish 4Kids would come up with a consistent translation for their promotion chant). I found it funny that Jessie was actually angry to keep getting a Feebas attacking her hair, considering how stupidly rare those things are.

Hey, we finally get a Flaaffy on the show. And boy, did this animation studio make it a badass or what? But the pinnacle of genius in this episode had to be Nero swallowing Sullivan's Master Ball - I laughed myself silly at that one - then balancing it on his tongue against the sunset during the final scene. Altogether, this was a great episode that took a recycled idea and made it look innovative anyway.

P.S. Was I the only one hoping that Max would pick a Jirachi lure?

onix lord

Well-Known Member
I didn't think this episode was the greatest, but it also wasn't that bad. I liked all the different lures they used. Lotad was especially cool. And Sullivan was a pretty cool character. I liked his Flaffy alot. I was also really suprised when he didn't catch Whiscash with the masterball, but atleast now he can keep searching for it.
What a great filler! Even though Ash loses his badges again, Sullivan makes up for it big time! I was hoping he would sound like Pegasus as an inside joke, but I like the voice he was given. 3 Pokémon debut: Whiscash, Feebas and Flaafy...sort of. Flaafy didn't really get a proper debut in the 3rd movie. "Fishing God"...Does this means he's an equal to JBL?:p(Lightning: Probably; and in more ways than one!:D) I'm surprised the Whiscash was given a name...Nero...wasn't that the name of a character in 'Moby Dick'? If so, nice reference! Sullivan, as I said before, was hilarious; and Max teasing him added to the hilarity.^_^ We also get the Master Ball's debut...too bad Nero swallowed it. That feat would later be repeated by Munchlax, but who really cares, May caught it anyways!;) 9/10 for this episode!


This episode wasn't the greatest, but it had some good parts. Like when the Master Ball ended up in Whiscash. Haw Haw!
i like this episode because it was funny. I liked it when Max threw the fishing rod and it landed between the trees and everyone was surprised.... including Max......... this episode was funny:D

Professor Ivy

1st Princess Serebii

Dogasu said:
According to the Japanese credits, it's animated by Team Ota.

Anyway, here's the Gym Leader picture from this episode:


It was oh okay
I was upset about the guy called himself a god, and I was shock to see a master ball pokéball because, i though it was so rare that they would not make tem in the show. Team Rocket's Motto was oh okay, but the animetion was a just to creep for me. They look evil or something. ANd what happan to Meowth' voice turn one of his speak it was very high. Maddie what happan there?

And TR, well jessy catch a feebas, why didn't mewoth or james know they it evoele into the pretty pokemon.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
It was really funny episode. I laughed so hard when Nero ate the Master Ball. It was also great when Feebas grabbed on to Jessie's hair. I also think that Ash should really take of his badges, each one these epsioes makes Ash look stupid, the first time: it was just bad luck Second time: A little ignorace third time: Vergreing on on stupidty. My geuss the 4th time Ash will be offically stupid.


you amaze me.
i dont like when they make little side episodes like that i mean it was funny but it was kinda pointless IMO ;156;

Korobooshi Kojiro

Heh, wait till you see what happens when TR finds out about Milotic a few episodes from now.

I always called it Fee-bus....

Oh, and was the Whiscash named in the original, I do know the Flaffy was indeed Hana in the original.