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Whiscash and Ash (351)


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Pikachu actually isn't effective against ground types? That's blasphemy.
But srsly, the Master Ball should have caught it anyway. As soon as it touched even it's tongue.


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Pikachu actually isn't effective against ground types? That's blasphemy.
But srsly, the Master Ball should have caught it anyway. As soon as it touched even it's tongue.

It probably bounced off its' tounge and didn't open correctly.


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But it should have opened correctly. That's the thing that bugged me about this episode, the Master Ball should have caught it. When it swallowed the ball, it should have caught it from the inside out.


hm, it was a good episode but it was strange how that masterball could still miss, i thought they never missed?


Really bizarre how the Masterball didn't catch Whiscash when it swallowed it as a ordinary Pokeball did when Munchlax swallowed it. But oh well. This episode was fairly good, Ash sure wanted his badges back.


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Loved this episode. When me and my friend first saw it we joked about how Sullivan is so alike to Sephiroth from FF. They both have same hair, facial features & Build, They both consider themselves GODS & Sullivan's Fishing rod could double as Sephiroth's Katana. Overall Rating: 10/10


Good episode. i loved Ash's strategy with Corphish, it was nice.


One of the best Hoenn episodes since this one was actually funny/good in my opinion. I laughed for the first time in a while watching a Pokemon episode. The fisherman who was after Whiscash was crazy in a good way haha. The only part that was disappointing was the whole "Whiscash swallowing a Master Ball" thing since it was inaccurate; eating a Poke Ball of any kind still captures the Pokemon. Great episode though. 9/10.
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Is it really THAT hard to break free when your foot is stuck in kelp?

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it was an okay episiode but I liked seeing the Gym leaders again even it was for a moment (Although it would have been nice to see it after the 8 gyms and have flashbacks like Johto and Kanto. I wonder if there will be any in Sinnoh?). Yeah the Master ball should have caught it.

Weird thing I think I got gotten the Crystal Episode with Zapdos and this episode mixed up, maybe it was a dream but I thought there was an episode (With the same old man) where a Whishcash stole his Master ball and then they had to get it back. Eventually he did and Zapdos appeared but he decided not to catch it afterall. Must have been a dream though


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Yeah, seeing the gym leaders as Ash remembers his badges was pretty cool.:)
Wiscash- I wonder how it ate the Master Ball? I always thought it is impossible to do that...


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Hahaha! I felt so bad for that weird old guy, after all that time trying to capture Whiscash he throws a Master ball and it eats it!

Good episode.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Whiscash, and Feebas for the 1st time. It was cool to have Flaafy back in an episode. It was funny how the old fishing man threw the Master Ball and then the Whiscash ate it. Ash forgot that Whiscash was ground-type and still had Pikachu use Thunderbolt on it... Ash again lost his badge case... The fishing master was a very odd character...


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I have to say, for someone who's spent fifty years looking for this behemoth, Sullivan didn't plan very well...a Flaaffy? How do you obsess over a Pokemon that long without realizing its typing?

I also think this is at least the third time Corphish helps Ash...by attacking him. I think Ash secretly enjoys being hit by Crabhammer.

Nice to see James' bottlecap collection again, and the Feebas bit was a riot. The motto was funny too. This animation team really knows visual comedy.

One thing I noticed - when Sullivan is going through catches rapidfire, he doesn't throw them back in the water - you don't hear another splash. He beaches those poor fish :/


This was a hilarious episode. Old man Solomon teaching the kids how to fish was pretty funny and I actually laughed when they continually called him "legend." My taste in humor must be getting worst. Whicash eating the Master Ball was hilarious. Never again will a failed Pokemon capture ever be so good.


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I don't know why, but this episode remains very memorable for me - especially the part with Whiscash slicking that Master Ball! That was golden. This episode truly excelled in many ways, but definitely in comedy it was a blast to watch.