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Whiscash and Ash (351)


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Master Ball -
In the games it is 100% guaranteed to catch any Pokemon without a single hit to weaken it ahead of time.
In the anime it's supposed to be that way, but is prone to getting eaten by Wishcash therefore defeating the purpose of this otherwise amazing Pokeball.

I thought that Sulivan guy was so creepy at first...
When the episode went on I still thought he was a creepy creeper, but he came to be more entertaining and funny. xD


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One of the best fillers in the AG series! Freakin' loved the hilarity here...
Sulivan wasted that Master Ball though lol


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"Whiscash and Ash!"

"Whiscash and Ash!"? Wow, 4kids actually gave this episode a decent dub title instead of giving it a cringe-worthy stupid and punny dub title. This episode is memorable to me, because It's one of those rare AG episode with a decent dub title.

As for the episode....I think this was one of the best AG episodes since this one was actually both funny and good at same time.
It all started when a wild Whiscash stole Ash's badge case. Ash tried to follow Whiscash to get his badge case back, but his legs got caught in some reeds.

It's funny when the old man Sullivan called himself "legend" and "fishing god", but got disappointed when Max asked why he hasn't captured Whiscash yet. xD

Sullivan teaching Ash and co. about fishing was intersting, I liked how Ash decided use the Pikachu lure. Honestly I think the Pikachu lure suits him, and also it looks way better than the "you-know-who" lure. It's awesome how Ash told Corphise to use Crabhammer on him and used the momentum to pull Whicash out of the water. I wanted Ash Grovyle to teach that annoying Whiscash a lesson, but sadly Team Rocket inturpted the battle.......Geez, I hate it when inturupt battles like this! At least Ash got his badge case back after TR got blasted off.

The only part that I found weird was Whiscash swallowing Sullivan's Master Ball like that and not getting captured. If I remember correctly, Munchlax got captured from inside out after swalloing a Poké ball, so why didn't Whiscash got captured in the same way ? Isn't a Master Ball supposed to capture any Pokémon ? Oh well, I guess it's one of those weird "anime logic".
Sullivan's Flaffy was pretty badass, I have to say. :cool:
Also, now that I've thought about it, I'm not surprised that Sullivan's MB failed. Remember, this is the anime. It doesn't have to necessarily follow game mechanics right down to a T.

It was funny when Whiscash ate it, though. :D


I screamed when Whiscash beat Corphish after swallowing Ash's badge case. Ash almost drowning and being saved by Sullivan made me yelp, and I loved all his various lures. Seeing Ash and friends fish was pretty refreshing and I wish Jessie had kept that wild Feebas. Anyway, Sullivan battling Whiscash with Flaaffy was such a rookie mistake tbh.


I screamed "Catch that Feebas!" the moment I saw it on Jessie's hair. Than screamed when she threw it away. Then my soul died a little each time afterwards.
But I almost died laughing when that Whishcash ate the master ball.


I screamed "Catch that Feebas!" the moment I saw it on Jessie's hair. Than screamed when she threw it away. Then my soul died a little each time afterwards.
But I almost died laughing when that Whishcash ate the master ball.

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The Whiscash fisherman was funny and I think that this was the last time that Earthquake was used in the anime. I also loved how Whiscash swallowed the Master ball at the end and just swam away. :3

Mrs. Oreo

Wait even if Whiscash swallowed the Master Ball it should've been caught like when Munchlax ate May's Poke Ball. 5/10

Yea that bit seemed inconsistent with other scenarios we've seen. Whiscash outwitting Sullivan was the whole point of the episode however, so it had to evade capture somehow I suppose. ^^;
My favorite scene here: Feebas biting Jessie's hair. I thought she should've caught it since Milotic would've been awesome on her team, but oh well.
Sullivan was very funny, especially when he got all sad. Kinda rough that this guy had devoted 50 years of his life to catching the giant Whiscash, though. There were some awesome battles in this episode too, like Nero vs. Sullivan's Flaaffy.


I really liked this episode, although Sullivan was rather strange. To be honest, he reminded me of Ahab from Moby Dick by Herman Melville. It reminded me of the GS Ball episode when Sullivan said that Whiscash were drawn to shiny objects. The part where Ash dived after Whiscash was funny, as were the names that James gave his plans. Though it was a filler episode, I enjoyed it a lot.


I liked this episode. Pretty funny in places, especially with Sullivan. And this makes...two times that Ash has nearly drowned?


Poor Sullivan had his Master Ball eaten, which I didn't think was even possible. His Flaaffy was so cute though.


I felt bad for Heigani when he lost to the Namazun, and Satoshi jumping into the lake and almost drowning was reckless of him. Suzumura was a memorable character however, and his never-ending struggle to hook Namazun was hilarious. I wish that this episode had had a happier ending for Suzumura, but alas.


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This was a good episode. I was fine with Corphish attacking Ash playfully even though it did look a little ridiculous to see Ash struggle against that little piece of seaweed in the lake.