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Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Red tailed hawk, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Red tailed hawk

    Red tailed hawk I can fly! Can you?

    Well, I've asked some members how to White-be-Gone, but they couldn't help me. I wonder if some of you can help me, please!
  2. well you do need a special program to do it and thats how my friend does it but i dont remember the program
  3. skiboydoggy

    skiboydoggy Ski > You

    First, you require Adobe Photoshop. Almost any edition will do.
    Next, open up the picture/file that you wish to White-Be-Gone.
    Third, duplicate the layer and delete the first copy. (Locked, you cannot turn the background transparent without unlocking or dup/deleting.)
    Now, click the magic wand.
    Then, slowly and painfully click the areas that you don't want and delete them bit by bit.
  4. MS

    MS Well-Known Member

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