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White team going into Victory Road

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So, I'm just about to go into Victory Road, and here's my team. I haven't researched what the Unova E4 are like, so we'll see. While I breed for natures and EV train post-game in my games, I don't worry too much about it while I go through the story. I just try to not get a terrible nature.

:612: Lv48 Haxorus [Mold Breaker], Naive @ Expert Belt
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide
Dragon Dance

Good type coverage and absolutely terrifying stats. Just picked this guy up after facing its various stages of evolution in the 8th gym and realizing I wanted one.

:547: Lv46 Whimsicott [Prankster], Modest @ Big Root
Giga Drain
Leech Seed
Shadow Ball

This is the in-game traded one you get, and I've loved it ever since I got it. High speed + priority status moves + oodles of life drain is just fun and good.

:565: Lv45 Carracosta [Solid Rock], Hardy @ Eviolite
Aqua Jet
Rock Slide
Aqua Tail

I love this guy's bulk, especially since he gets Aqua Jet to occasionally make his low speed irrelevant. I have Aqua Tail as well in case I need more water-type power than Aqua Jet can provide

:627: Lv46 Rufflet [Sheer Force], Bashful @ ????
Crush Claw
Rock Slide
Shadow Claw

This guy's very late evolution is unfortunate, but I still think it'll perform well. I figure this moveset provides good coverage. It's too bad this thing doesn't learn Roost from level-up, and that it learns Brave Bird so late. I'm not sure what hold item to give it yet. Just Sharp Beak or Silk Scarf?

:555: Lv45 Darmanitan [Sheer Force], Quirky @ ????

Flare Blitz
Brick Break
Rock Slide

Not sure what to do for a 4th move. Or a hold item. This guy's just made for pure destruction.

:579: Lv45 Reuniclus [Magic Guard], Brave @ Quick Claw

Shadow Ball
Hidden Power [dragon]

I need to replace that HP dragon, but I just don't know what with. I have the Quick Claw to occasionally make up for its horrid speed, but I know there's gotta be a better hold item out there for it.

Let me know of any improvements you think I could make.


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quick nitpicks; one, try to level up your team more. Your Rufflet won't do well at all until it evolves.

Drop the Eviolite on Carracosta, it can't evolve.

For Darmatian, try giving it Flame Charge/Superpower for it's last move.

Reuniclus should be running Focus Blast > HP Dragon

if I have time i'll add more


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Oh yeah, I forgot that condition of Eviolite. Derp. Guess I'll give it a Hard Stone for now.

Don't have Focus Blast TM yet, otherwise I totally would have put it on Reuniclus. I'll have to hunt that down.

Darmanitan learns Superpower very soon from leveling, so of course.

Thanks for the input!


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I did indeed barely use it. The E4 were still pretty easy though. Got all of them on the first try, and only 1 truly provided a challenge.


I don't think speed will be boosted by Flame charge if you have Sheer Force, so if you want a safe non-recoil move, I'd choose Fire Punch. I'd replace Brick Break with Superpower.
Braviary should have Superpower, Brave Bird, and Return. Shell bell is also a nice item to use.
Calm mind is cool on Reuniclus.
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