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White: Victini & Zekrom (14)


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Great movie but..what happened with the tournament? Did Ash win it? He was the last to hold his necklace... and if so how did I miss it? Course there was a troop of little kids there taking up the last three rows for a birthdayparty thing, at time, they talked, that or me getting my chair bumped alot... I may have missed it...

I absoultly loved the long movie version of the black and White theme.. didn't get to hear the "Follow your star" song much other then the chorus as when the credits hit, the troop behind us got noisy.. only reason i knew the name was because i saw the song name listed in the credits.

Oh and During the end credits, the scene that shows team rocket in their hat trench coats hiding behind a newspaper in a resteraunt and you see Ash and company 's reflection on the window... I swore I saw after them Peg from the zoroark movie not far behind ash and crew.. please tell me I was not the only one who saw this?


aove link is peg incase you need a refresher on who that is..
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I just got back awhile ago from the theatre I saw the movie at, and yes, it was great! A wonderful movie for the Black/White saga of this generation. Humorous, Exciting, Beautiful, Insightful and Creative. All I love to see in Pokemon movies. This one especially hit all the nail on the head. What a treat it was to watch it in theater houses as well; all the kids coming in to watch the movie were excited. Reminded me of when I was their age, when I saw the first five movies that had ever been released to theaters. If this went successful, I'd love to watch the 15th movie next year in theaters.

Movie wise, I loved Victini and all the Pokemon involved. Hydriegon, Golurk, Reuinclus, etc, all great. The animation was spectacular as well, not to mention. It's even surprising to have a character be both good and evil in actions. Since we don't have an actual villain this time, it's quite interesting at that. But it's good to know the guy realized his mistake and did something to change it. And also, I nearly thought that Ash had died during the critical moment with Victini incased in those pillars of protection. But thankfully he's all fine and dandy. Glad he got to keep his promise to Victini for taking it to the ocean.

I want that full version of the Season 14 theme song (from the beginning of the film). It was so AWESOME.

Again, wonderful movie, and I'd love to go see it again if I could. Outstanding. :D


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I liked this movie, and the cute little Victini. It really loved those macaroons/macarons.

I didn't realize Zekrom and Reshiram were each one of those "telepathic talkers" like Mewtwo, Lugia, and the like, but their voices matched the ones I imagined in my head.

It was a great experience in itself seeing a pokemon movie since Spell of the Unown

Looking forward to how Victini & Reshiram differ on CN this week.


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Same. Movie version of "Black and White" was amazing and I look forward to getting hold of it

I liked the verse "It's not always right or wrong.."


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Another exciting Pokemon adventure. I thought it had a complicated story compared to others, and keeping track of how they explained the People of the Veil (sic) was tricky on the spur. This was counterbalanced by excellent animation and music score.
I thought they did a great job with balancing Team Rocket's character, keeping them both silly and tough. Victini was appealing, both curious, an charmy ally, and highly sensitive.
Why though could Victini not pass the protection pillars? I don't get that.
As far as the audience, there were people of all ages. Kids my age (college), kids with parents, grandparents, teens... That was cool that they were aware of the movie's release. I can say I've seen all possible Pokemon movies on the big screen here in the states, including the 13'th in the B&W mall tour. I had a fun time!


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Don't you all mean you can't wait for the white version? also, I loved how Macaroons were pronounced wrong during the entire movie haha..
That's because they were not macaroons: coconut nugget things. They were macarons: meringues with filling.
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Well, I have seen this movie in theaters this past weekend. And it was an okay movie. It was also the first Pokemon movie I've seen in a theater since the fourth movie 9 years ago.

It felt good to see a new Pokemon movie in theaters in a long time. The story is okay, not too great, but okay. However, Ash's voice actor still doesn't sound like his old voice actor in my taster. Team Rocket's current voice actors on the other hand, does sound like their old va's. OH well.

And also, this is the first time I've seen Iris and Cilian in action.


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I think the only reason I would watch this movie again would be for the visuals.

What was the point of having any human characters other than Ash and Damon in the movie? The rest of them did next to nothing that advanced the plot.

I mean the entirety of the movie for Iris and Cilan felt like:


Woulda been nice to have seen Iris and Cilan's battles actually last more than 5 seconds each. Iris's I can give because of Volt Switch... but Pansage didn't even get to DO anything. Ash's battles alone weren't even that special.

Also I feel as if the entire plot could've been told in a single episode, MAYBE a two-parter...

I feel as if we got robbed of decent plot and characters just so that we could get to slight variations of the same movie. Lame.

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Also I feel as if the entire plot could've been told in a single episode, MAYBE a two-parter.
The funny part is, you could say the same thing about most of the original series movies too.


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The cast for the dub:

Damon - J. Michael Tatum
Carlita - Leah Clark
Juanita - Khristine Hvam
Luisa - Lisa Ortiz
Mannes - Michael Alston Baley
Reshiram - Tom Wayland
Zekrom - Michael Chobot

I've never heard the voice actor who voiced Zekrom.


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OMG I just watched this movie yesterday and holy crap, it kicked pokemon blacks ***!!!