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Who Did you Choose

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by MegaTravis, Dec 16, 2009.


Which Starter?

  1. Torchic

    334 vote(s)
  2. Mudkip

    361 vote(s)
  3. Treecko

    254 vote(s)
  1. Sweeney Todd

    Sweeney Todd ...with passion. ♥

    I always stay true to Torchic. I have never played through a file without choosing Torchic as my starter, though I have chosen other starters in my other games just so I could trade them over for the Pokedex.
  2. PokeTrainerEX

    PokeTrainerEX Well-Known Member

    I had to choose torchic when i had found out that it's later evolutions were fire\fighting. At that time I thought it was a pretty cool type combination.
  3. ZachAttackk

    ZachAttackk curselax pwn

    torchic because blaziken owns face
  4. MKFC

    MKFC Shade of Blue

    I ended up choosing Mudkip since Torchic was so heavily overrated around where I lived and Treecko... well... I liked it, but I hated Sceptile.
  5. Quinn

    Quinn Active Member


    Because I'm more a Fire fan then Grass or Water. He also looks better imo.
    I also started with Charmander and Cyndaquil back in the days, so I'm sticking with Fire starters :)
  6. Cheez Puf

    Cheez Puf Just lurking.

    Mudkip, because Swampert is great. One of my favorite starters across all generations, behind Cyndaquil only.
  7. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    none I just traded over Charmander although I have used Treecko
  8. natie

    natie Mr. F

    Mudkip, because I'll always stay true to the Water-type starters. Always have and always will.
  9. Dragonphoenixfire

    Dragonphoenixfire Battle Hardened

    Since i bought all 3 at once i picked them all in the respective colors
  10. Beebar234

    Beebar234 Well-Known Member

    Mudkip FTW! Actually my first starter was a Torchic, but I wanted to try something new and started preferring Mudkip (using him in PMD1 also influenced this ;) )

    SHINY CATCHER Epic Snake is Epic!

    Since Sapphire was my first game that meant that Treecko was my first starter. I liked the look of him most when I started playing it on my 8th birthday. But he was hard to beat Steven with so with me being 8 and all I got him to Lv:100 before I beat Steven. Now he sits in a Box on my Platinum along with my first two shinys, a Gyarados and Dustox both caught on the same day on Sapphire when I didn't know what a shiny Pokemon was.
  12. The 3D RoBot

    The 3D RoBot ................!

    Mudkip....Very first pokemon ive ever had. Still my choice and fav. I picked him because he looked like he'll turn into a beast, and he did.
  13. TheSmexyMoogle

    TheSmexyMoogle Active Member

    I leik mudkipz. I naemd mien Gatorade. :)
  14. the starters i like in ruby sapphire and emerald is treeko and mudkip
  15. syrupz

    syrupz New Member

    I had Ruby and Sapphire, and I chose Torchic and Mudkip. I always choose the water starters, except with Torchic. xD
  16. The 3D RoBot

    The 3D RoBot ................!

    Next to Charmander, Torchic is the best you could have.
  17. cocoa_adele

    cocoa_adele Well-Known Member

    Torchic, I usually go for fire types and Blaziken is good as with half fire and half fighting type.
    But I traded with my brother to have all the starters in one game at the beginning.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2010
  18. Sprintking

    Sprintking Well-Known Member

    Torchic because I always choose the fire starter on my first playthrough, dating all the way back to red and charmander.
  19. tom-tom

    tom-tom Furret <3

    I chose Mudkip originally because i like water types. But i have used all three now.
  20. I chose torchic. I always take the fire type.

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