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Who do u like more?

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So hot he's on fire.
Then why reply, moron? -___-;

I like Roxanne better. She's not an overrated sl*t with an overused type and giant hooters.


So hot he's on fire.
You know, a good body and a great 'rack' is not ALL that makes up a trainer you know.

And don't you dare talk that way about Roxanne. I speak the truth about Flannery, fire is an overused type and she is FAR too overrated and she looks like a sl*t.

Roxanne is actually MODEST and doesn't go around being all tra-la-la airheaded bouncybounceboob for everyone and that's part of what makes her BETTER.

Just WAIT until Alfonso gets here. You're IN for it.



Firstly, I have to wonder about the choice of the two girls selected for this poll. I mean, why just Roxanne and Flannery? Why not Winona? Or Pheobe and Liza? They're also female Houen Gym Leaders.

Secondly, it's Roxanne. Not Roxxanne.

Thirdly, this is a stupid thread. I'm seriously getting sick of all 'Character vs. Character... WHO IS BETTER?!' threads that seem to be popping up as of late. People are just going to say their favorite, without even bothering to explain why.

Oh, but of course. These threads aren't about what's so good about either character. It's about which one has the better OMFGBEWBS. That's what the Misty. vs May threads always turn into: Annoying fanboy after annoying fanboy commenting on how May's breasts are the best thing ever. (Cybercubed is excluded from the 'annoying fanboy' comment, of course. Because he rocks.) The same thing will happen to this thread: Post after post about OMFG BOOBS. Seriously, there's more to females than breasts.

I like Roxanne because she's so admirable. She's risen up from Pokemon Trainer's School and become a Gym Leader, after years of hard work (Unlike Flannery, who was given the position on a plate.) and dedication to studying. As a man in Rustburo said, it's very admirable that she decided what type of Pokemon she wanted to train early on in her life. And what a type. She didn't go for the 'cool' types like Dragons, or the 'omg beautiful' Water types. She chooses Rock, and her most beloved Pokemon is one that if often overlooked and ignored by most people... probably just like Roxanne herself was in school, because people were more interested in the girl with giant breasts and a tight top.

Can't you just imagine her? Sitting in her corner, wearing glasses, (Before she got contacts.) wearing her Nosepass shirt and reading up on the various strategies that you must learn to be a truly great Pokemon trainer... <333

While all the others are sitting around cackling with their stupid little laughs, giggling how one of them got laid the other night by some annoying jock. ._.

She's also got one hell of a body and face, but that's just one of the reasons I like her. And that's me being truthful, unlike some of the other bulls*itters out there that are all 'yeh i love mays attitude'.

Thanks to Oos for directing me to this breeding ground for stupidity. I await the annoying posts yet to come.

Edit: Oh, and lol. 'Who is Alfonso'. lol lol


So hot he's on fire.
Of course, honey. You know I'm on the lookout for stuff for you to lol at :3

Damn right you didn't think. And now you know who Alfonso is, and chances are you won't forget.

THAT'S what's wrong with me. Roxanne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Flannery, plus more but it would stretch the page. :3 GYM LEADERS ARE NOT PICKED FOR THEIR BOOBIES. They are picked for SKILL. Flannery was NOT. Flannery got handed the gym on a silver platter. Roxanne had to WORK for it.


Alfonso ftw.


Well-Known Member
Character versus character threads make me a little sad. :C

On that note: both of them. I find them both interesting.
Flannery's a cheerful little newbie, but she tries to do her best. While Roxanne is a hard worker, and it definately got her to where she is now. +lame+
Alfonso explained it better than me.

Yes, they're both cute girls; but goodness, like them for other reasons. :<


I personally like them both the same. I'm not crazy about either (or their pokemon), but I find them both to be very pretty and appealing in their own ways. Why just Asuna and Tsutsuji though? What about us Ran lovers? <3

Just choosing these two seems rather random. But... Whatever. They're both cool.

intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
Neither are my favorite Hoenn leaders conicidentally (those would be Brawly for male and Winona trailing behind for female), but Roxanne is fine with me. She has the whole schoolteacher charm thing going on, which gives her appeal. Flannerys a little too much of a conventional fanboy bait for me. Though PB, something tells me you wouldn't hate Flannery as much as you do if it weren't for the fact that shes popular. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I mean no disrespect, but you seem to dislike her because of all her male fans
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