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Who do you like more glaceon or leafeon

Who do you like more glaceon or leafeon?

  • Glaceon

    Votes: 65 60.7%
  • Leafeon

    Votes: 42 39.3%

  • Total voters


I prefer Glaceon because it seems graceful. Something I'd like to keep on my team.

Also, because May has one.


Shiny Trader
Its icy blue fur


The Anti-Hero
Leafeon > Glaceon. Glaceon is a terrible pokemon. It's movepool is unbelievably shallow.

Atleast Leafeon can be SOMEWHAT useful by baton passing Swords Dance and dealing some decent physical damage.

Glaceon is outclassed by nearly every Ice pokemon in existance. Even dewgong is arguably better due to Hydration.

Btw, Glaceon and Leafeon have the same total base stat. jesus, where do you wierdos get your information? I know it ain't serebii.

Leafeon is able to Swords Dance sweep. Glaceon can't do anything remotely close. While niether are stellar, Leafeon wins by a mile.

-Movepool: Leafeon: Leaf Blade, X-scissor, Swords Dance and Synthesis make Leafeon quite bulky. It can also use Quick Attack to some extent as a priority move. Not the best but it's possible.

-Typing: Glaceon: Both Grass and Ice suck as defensive typing but Ice wins due to better STAB

-Stat alocation: Leafeon: With high Attack, Defense and "OK" speed, leafeon makes a much better offensive threat than Glaceon. Glaceon is stuck with Massive Special Attack but terrible Speed, thus it is incapable of using it to it's full extent.

-Number of Threats: Arguably, Leafeon has an easier time agianst pokemon it's weak agianst. With high enough speed to outrun some of it's counters, and Swords Dance. It can ocasionally blow a hole right thru them. Glaceon is incapable of handling it's counters due to it's pathetic movepool and low speed.


(Although Glaceon looks cooler)


Leafeon, for its Sword Dance/Baton Pass Combo and it has good Attack and Defense.

-Flaming Charizard-

And the cat goes moo
I liek Leafeon =D


Active Member
I also like Leafeon more. It´s in my current Diamond team and I think it looks a lot cooler.


Neither. I don't like their designs as much as I like the other Eeveelutions.

But I guess Glaceon is better than Leafeon because I prefer offense over defense.

I like Pikachu

Well-Known Member
Though both aren't stellar, I'd go with Leafeon because Glanceon can't do anything but die. While Leafeon could be an effective UU Physical Sweeper/Wall/Tank or be a Physical Master, which is a fake term created by me that means a Pokemon that has High Defense and Attack. Glanceon, on the other hand is the 3rd worse Ice type. It only outclasses Gailie the ugly face and Dewgong the mermaid. while Leafeon is the 9th most popular NU (according to Smogon) and outclasses a bunch of stuff. But Glanceon wins on looks and if I had to choose, I'd choose Leafeon in a heartbeat. So Leafeon wins my vote.

Lady Umbreon

Well-Known Member
Looks-wise, I prefer Leafeon. Glaceon is a little too plain.
Glaceon fo sho, yo. I love it.


Active Member
Glaceon, because it's much better in the games than Leafeon and more beautiful. I like grass pokémon, because they're cute, but Leafeon have weird things on it so I don't like it.


Well-Known Member
leafeon wins hands down.
can be used in 3 ways and glaceon can be used in 1 way.
also leafeon cna tank and pass on swords dances

Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
Leafeon for me. Easier on the eye in my opinion and packs a real punch while also having quite sturdy defenses. I have one on my Platinum team who I nicknamed Saria. :3


Well-Known Member
I'm definitely going to pick Glaceon. Leafeon has a higher base HP, but Glaceon has a higher base defense. Also, the ice type is so cool. *pun intended*