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Who do you think should return in B&W? Dawn, May, Misty, or Brock?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by interxavier, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Dawn sure, but Brock resently left and has been on for years.
  2. sam40400

    sam40400 nice

    Where's Tracey? TT__TT

    Well, if I had to choose between those characters, this is the order:

    Misty, because I stopped watching pokemon for a while during the hoenn arc, and I really wanna see how she is now.

    Max, I wanna see him as a pokemon trainer who'll battle ash, but that's not happening since no one ages in pokemon world TT__TT

    Brock, to see how his studies are going, but that's not happening until much later.

    But out of all of those, I really wanna see Tracey, I loved that dude in a non-homo way.

    All you may fans r lik where the fudge is may? well, i dont like contests, and found them annoying >_> so don't wanna c may.
  3. Mythicalzoe

    Mythicalzoe Badass

    Dawn-My loved i luv her so much my favorite pokemon anime girl
    Brock-Its not the same without him
    Gary-because hes awesome
  4. couplesupporter

    couplesupporter James FAN!

    Dawn because I sense a pattern

    Misty showed up in a may episode, May showed up in a Dawn episode, now it's Dawn to show up in an Iris episode
  5. lovemisty

    lovemisty New Member

    is it will be good to finish ash story and start a new story?
  6. Kanefan

    Kanefan New Member

    I think the writers have so many ******** filler episodes, that they really can afford to make some interesting arcs with previous characters returning. That's much more fun than pokemon x being showcased and never returning again, with random filler person. They should expand on the universe and the character gallery rather than having an endless filler spree. IMO, pokemon would be a much better show if they had longer arcs, but I understand that pokemon is not that kind of show. The episodes are designed to be shown randomly and that you don't miss anything if you miss an episode or two.

    Anyway, my no 1 choice for returning character would be Misty. I want to see her in her HGSS clothes and being a real good water pokemon trainer.
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Why would they ever put her in her HGSS clothes? Characters don't age and if they were going to to do it, it would have happened back when HGSS came out like 2 years ago.
  8. BlueVapor

    BlueVapor Well-Known Member

    Did they change May into her Emerald outfit when that came out? Not really. She didn't get it until after D/P. Sounds like the same situation to me...

    Plus Misty doesn't need to age to be given that outfit, same goes for Brock.
  9. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    They had to change May's clothes to something and it was the easiest thing to do.

    Misty's GS outfit has existed since what....2000 when the original Gold/Silver came out? Since GS was a direct sequel to RBY, all the characters were supposed to be like 3 years older or something. Misty of course looks much older in that HGSS outfit.

    Besides, Misty's probably not going to appear in the anime in Best Wishes at all, just like she didn't appear in DP at all, so I imagine she'll be left in her AG outfit for the entire duration of the series.
  10. firebolt

    firebolt Sit back and relax.

    I would like Brock to appear in an episode but, i have a feeling Dawn will be the one who shows up.
  11. BlueVapor

    BlueVapor Well-Known Member

    I'm well aware of this. I'm just saying that age doesn't matter. They can easily keep Misty/Brock the same age in the anime, but give them their HG/SS outfits, I really don't see the problem in that.

    I mean, similarly, is there a problem in them giving Ash the male heroes outfit for DP and BW? I mean they aren't the same characters, but they give him the outfit. If that is aloud, I'm pretty sure they could give Misty/Brock their HG/SS outfits if they wanted, especially considering they ARE the same characters, and the only thing you're factoring in is age...
  12. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush #freekeepitsimple

    Personally, I think Dawn and Brock should come back in Best Wishes.
    Misty came back in Advanced Generation and May came back in the DP. I see it fair that Dawn comes back in BW.
    Same with Brock. Tracey's come back to the show so Brock should too so we can see on how he's doing with becoming a Pokemon Doctor.
  13. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    I want to see Dawn in her specials. Maybe she meets up with Barry, Zoey, Ursula and Kenny. I think I would rather see a specail than to see Brock come back or Dawn not at all.
  14. ratmon19

    ratmon19 New Member

    I think they could all come back at a point doing the b/w series.
    For Misty I would like her to come back and maybe help Iris become a better gym leader like stated before.

    Dawn I think would be something to do in a mini series in hoenn, due for the high chance of r/s remake.

    Max could also appear in Hoenn, or yet better for him to appear maybe becoming a pokemon trainner.

    Tracey could just make a cameo in Oaks lab, for Brock something to do with his studies. And finally May could also appear in Hoenn.

    I know this happening is really slim. But has anyone else notice how much we talk about Ash's old travel buddies? And not to mention if they do more fitlers, wouldn't having a old character return make it better? Even if it didn't make sense(if you didn't notice a lot of this kids show don't) and wouldn't be such a big deal or hurt anyone.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2011
  15. matthewsmithh

    matthewsmithh Active Member

    Misty Please!! Misty needs to come back!
  16. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Misty doesn't "need" to do anything. Just like she didn't appear in DP at all, its very likely she won't appear in Best Wishes at all. She got her appearances back in AG.

    The show has now gone on for so long after the end of Johto that Misty has retroactively become a short-lived character in the series. She didn't even make it to the mid-point of the series. I think she's only in 40% of the shows total episodes now.

    Since Kanto won't be remade in the games anymore, they passed up that chance when HGSS came out, which was the last semi-reasonable excuse for Misty to appear. But of course Lyra appeared instead.
  17. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I hope May comes back for a episode or two
  18. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Except Misty definitely deserves to return again.
    Misty was character who was never fleshed out enough compared to ones like May or Dawn with several things in her story being left unresolved and at standstill.
    From her goal of becoming water pokemon master,potential to find more about her past and family,several pokemon which were never used to full potential(like Psyduck,Horsea,or Goldeen)etc.

    Unlike other girls Misty didnt received enough development as character nor her story ever received closure having enough stamina and potential to work even as main character once again.

    She was without doubt very important character during original series who helped Ash to grow in better trainer contributing to this show popularity achieving huge popularity and iconic status and to get rid of her for good pretending like she never existed would not only be wrong but also disrespectful from writers side both toward character and fans.
    Impact she left on anime and fandom was also big with many people missing her worldwide wanting her back and because of being part of original trio who made this show becoming most recognized group to this day she will always have chance to return.
    Same applies to Brock.

    Lets not forget also fact how Misty is character with longest gap between her appearances who was absent longer than any other character from this show(including Tracey).
    Because of everything above if anyone should have priority in coming back before others it would be definitely Misty.

    Yet she is longest lived female protagonist with her popularity as character and impact she left on show whit-standing tooth of time.

    Only if writers intended to use her as one of candidates to help advertize new games.As it can be seen with her cameos in Hoenn she didnt advertized anything but still find her way to return and story-wise there are ton of plausible reasons to have Misty back.

    Like:-to advance her goal
    -help new characters to get over their problems contributing to anime plot(similar how May did by helping Dawn to get over her confidence issues).
    -catch new water types which arent possible to obtain in Kanto(like its case with Unova pokemon) and gain new knowledge.
  19. sceptile33

    sceptile33 Well-Known Member

    Dawn should return. Misty and May already did, so its her turn.
  20. Drdj11

    Drdj11 Eins,Zwei,Drei

    I don't think anybody should come back
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